Changing up the Christmas meal

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Good morning my dears!

I’m feeling super productive at the moment. Yesterday Jamie and I finished off our Christmas shopping and bought all the food we need for Christmas Day. It felt like a huge weight lifted off my chest, I was worried we would end up doing all this on Christmas Eve, which I really did’t want to do. In the evening I applied for a job that seems really interesting (I felt so good about that), made two of the dishes for our Christmas meal and wrapped all of my gifts to Jamie.

This year I’ve decided to change quite a few things that I would traditionally have for Christmas lunch in Sweden, mainly because I don’t really eat meat anymore and therefore it doesn’t really makes sense to make Christmas ham or ribs or meatballs. Instead I’ve made Deliciously Ella’s nut roast with cranberry sauce and vegan meatballs from Green Kitchen Stories (I’m Swedish after all and a Christmas without any form meatballs wouldn’t be the same). Jamie is making himself some sausages with bacon and we’ll also be having some pickled herring, smoked salmon and egg halves (a Swedish Christmas side dish). So we are keeping bits of our traditional Christmas food but skipping a lot of the really meaty things.

I’m excited to change things up a bit now when it’s just the two of us, after all I’v been eating traditional Swedish Christmas food all my life. I’ll also be making spiced apple and cranberry cabbageroasted maple sprouts, roasted carrots and parsnips and some other bits and bobs. It feels great to add more veggie dishes to the table that are healthy but also indulgent. We’ve also baked saffron buns and gingerbread so don’t worry, we’ll still get our dose of sugar this holiday season.

What will you guys be making for Christmas? Are you changing things up too? I would love to hear!

Now it’s time for to get dressed and head to G5 for class with Faye then it’s time to get tidied here in the flat and continue to preparations for the weekend. Can’t wait for the festivities to begin.


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