Healthified vegan santa porridge

(Sorry about the rubbish photo, one of my New Years Resolutions is to use my camera more and my camera on my phone less)

Tomtegröt or risgrynsgröt is a tradition on the Swedish breakfast table at Christmas time. Jamie says it sounds a bit like rice pudding when I explained it to him. It’s a warm and creamy  rice porridge. This is what you serve Santa when he drops of your gifts on Christmas Eve, hence the name Santa Porridge. At first I wasn’t going to make any at all this year but I got curious and thought there must be a way to make it just as delicious but healthier using brown rice instead of white rice and without full fat milk or sugar. I’m not a vegan but love experimenting and prefer to eat vegan the majority of my meals so why not? It turned out really nice actually and want to share it with you here. A lot of you have already had your Christmas breakfast but just in case you want to try it out anyway.

Recipe (serves about 2-3 people)

250ml short grain brown rice (I used short grain brown rice as it fills you up more, is more nutritious and it has to be short grain to make it sticky)
250ml water
250ml almond milk (I used Rude Health’s Almond Drink which is a blend of almonds and brown rice, you will need to add more as it cooks for the porridge not to dry out)
Cinnamon stick
Pinch of salt
Sprinkle of coconut sugar

Instructions: Soak the rice for as long as it says on the package before cooking. Then boil the rice with the water and salt for 10 minutes. Add the almond milk, coconut sugar and the cinnamon stick and reduce the temperature to a simmer. It took just over an hour for the rice to get cooked and soft. Add more of the almond drink if needed during the process so it doesn’t dry out and don’t forget to stir it so it doesn’t burn in the bottom. I added quite a bit of almond drink as it cooked but it also depends on what consistency you prefer, it should be quite creamy. Since it is brown rice you don’t get exactly the same consistency as the original version but it’s more filling and healthier.

Usually it’s eaten with a sprinkle of sugar (or coconut sugar in this case) and cinnamon on top with a splash of milk (or your preferred plant-based milk, again the almond drink was delicious for this). I didn’t think the porridge needed more sweetening as Rude Health’s almond drink is already quite sweet and you add a bit coconut sugar in the beginning. You can save the rest as leftovers and reheat the porridge on the stove with some milk to make it delicious and creamy again.

Let me know what you think!

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