Christmas Eve at Number 16

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Hello my dears!

Hope you’ve had a wonderful Christmas and that you are carrying on with the festivities today on Boxing Day. I’ll tell you more about Jamie’s and my Christmas Day celebrations in another post. First we have to talk about our Christmas Eve lunch at our favourite restaurant in Glasgow, Number 16. It’s our favourite place for any occasion. As soon as you step in you greeted by their friendly staff and since the restaurant is  small it gives you such a cosy homely feel.

Everything we had was just delicious and we’ve never been disappointed with a single dish there. I had some mulled wine and even some red wine for the first time in ages, during nicer occasions I think a glass is quite nice. Jamie had the majority of the wine though, I don’t think he complained.

After sitting there for hours we walked down to Jamie’s work to drop off a little Christmas present for them, homemade gingerbread. We make them every year and give them away as presents, they are in no sense healthy but they taste incredible. We sat at The Finnieston for a while chatting to Jamie colleagues before getting a lift back to our flat.

In the evening we Skyped my family who were just back from celebrating Christmas at my cousins’. Jamie and I watched them open their gifts and it was so nice to be part of their Christmas even though we weren’t actually there. Afterwards we finished watching The Santa Clause 2 and all of Love Actually whilst enjoying a take out from Pickled Ginger. I was stuffed by the time I went to bed and so grateful for a great start to the Christmas weekend.

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