Trying to stay busy



Hope you’re having a wonderful day whether you are still enjoying a bit of time off from work or if you are back at the office working away. In lack of other photos, I stumbled across this photo Jamie took of me when we were hill walking this spring. What a wonderful day it was! I hope we get a chance to do more hill climbing in the new year. I would love to get out of the city more.

Jamie didn’t start work until one so we got a chance to spend some time together. We’ve become hooked on this card game called Stress and Jamie won all three rounds. It was way too early in the morning for my brain to function for that game… After that we watched the final episode of Bake Off with Sue, Mel and Mary on it. I cried at the end when they showed the good bye and thank you bit (it was very emotional okay). That show will never be the same without that incredible team of people. I’m so sad it’s leaving the BBC.

When Jamie left for work I headed to the gym. I did a mix of exercises, a bit of cardio, deadlifts, squats, cleans, all the fun stuff! I also did some core exercises for the first time in a while and wow I felt the burn. I used be obsessed with doing core workouts but now I’ve gone a bit off it and have focused more on other movements that targets the entire body. It felt to get the core working a bit extra though.

With all my friends and Jamie being busy working I’ve just tried to keep myself busy. I’ve applied for some jobs and am hoping for the best. I can’t think about the fact that I’m unemployed too much, it stresses me out. I am a person who loves when lots of stuff is happening and keeping busy so it will take me some time readjust to being less busy until I find a new job.

This evening I booked in for a class at the Kali Collective with Steph. It was a 1.5 hour Vinyasa Flow class and it was intense. My legs were on fire at one point I swear! I figured instead of sitting at home rewatching The O.C I should do something that’s a bit more of an investment in myself and wellbeing. At the end I almost fell asleep in savasana, I felt so relaxed and refreshed. I need to get to another one of Steph’s classes soon.

Time to tidy up after dinner and relax a bit before bed. Have a lovely evening everyone x

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