Second last day of the year

Photo of my wonderful friend Marija and I at my birthday dinner a couple of months ago

Hi lovelies,

It’s Friday! I started the day off with another Open Gym at Gym G5. Stella had some great workouts on the board for us to choose from and I finished 3 out of 4, which was good. There were a lot of arm exercises going on and towards the end everything was tired and painful in my arms haha.

Afterwards I headed into town to pick up some bits. I got paid today and had to restock on some skincare products so nothing too exciting but definitely necessary. I’ve been getting random breakouts recently and it’s really starting to bother me. So today I spent some time in the Lush shop and got help from a girl who worked there who talked me through their skincare and showed me how to use everything. I eventually managed to pick some products out. I’m hoping I’ll see a difference in my skin and if not I’ll keep on trying different products until I find something that works for me. I’m so tired of my skin acting up.

I also grabbed a vegan Banana Butter shake from Prep Fitness Kitchen since I was quite hungry after my workout. Berta who I used to work with at Juice Garden was in working so it was good to see her and chat for a bit.

Tonight I’ve been invited out for drinks with my friend Faye and her boyfriend Ross who have booked a couple of tables at a pub. I’ll see if I’ll go or not, it depends a bit on how I feel and what I’ve gotten done before then.

Have you guys got any nice New Year’s Eve plans? I’m going for a dinner with my friend Marija (in the photo) and her boyfriend Kerr at Kerr’s brother’s and girlfriend’s flat. Jamie is working until 10 so he’ll be joining us afterwards. I was hoping he would finish earlier but I’m glad he is at least off before the bells. I’m really looking forward to it. Dinner on New Year’s is what I love, I’m not a massive fan of this holiday but as long as I spend it with people I love I’m happy.


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