Koloni // Biblioteksgatan 5 // Stockholm // Sweden

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Hi my dears,

It’s been so amazing being back in Sweden and spending time with my friends and family. We’ve been enjoying just relaxing, walking about the city, going to museums, having some incredible food and catching up with everyone.

It’s been great seeing Jamie getting on so well with everyone. I always knew he would but this time around he’s already met most people so it’s nice for it to be a bit more relaxed than all the nerves for him meeting all my friends and family for the first time 😛

I of course have a little list of cafés and restuarants I want to try out while we’re here and Koloni (allotment in English) was one of them. They have several cafés around the Stockholm area and we went to the one on Biblioteksgatan. They are a health café and mainly serve cold food, juices and vegetarian options with a soup of the day. The café is quite small and very cosy but I can imagine it being difficult to get a seat here during their busier hours. However, it did seem like a lot of people got stuff to go.

I had their quinoa, feta and mango bowl. It was delicious! Feta goes so well with something sweet and pairing it up with mango was dreamy. I didn’t want it to end!

Jamie was a bit cold and had their sweet potato soup served with buckwheat bread with hummus on the side. The portion was a bit small so he ordered a wrap too. Of course we couldn’t leave without trying one of their sweet treats. We had the caramel, chocolate and coconut slice, yum!

A great place to have a quick bite to eat when you’re in the city.

Sweden bound

Hi my dears!

Hectic last day before travelling yesterday! I had lots of stuff to get done and I finally felt better to get back G5 for a workout in the evening before I’m away.

I finally felt like I’d got my energy back during the session and I managed to do the most advanced level the evening’s conditioning training. It took a while but I got through it and it felt so good to feel more like myself. I felt like a new person when I left. 

I really don’t feel like I’m myself when I don’t train. It’s become a part of me (as weird as it sounds) to exercise and I love the feeling of accomplishing things I couldn’t do before and feeling stronger. It becomes a bit of an addiction. I’ll miss G5 and all my friends there when I’m away!

Jamie and I are right now on the bus to the airport. There’s been an accident so we’re a bit delayed but we should be okay for time. I can’t wait to see my family and friends and having Jamie with me just makes it even more special.

I’ll speak to you in Sweden lovelies. Have a great day! Xxx

Here’s to the ones who dream

As I mentioned, Jamie and I went to see the highly praised La La Land yesterday. I absolutely love musicals, always have. When I was younger I was so lucky to be taken to see several musical productions in Stockholm and every time I left I wanted to become a musical performer. I love how musicals make you feel though using beautiful music and dance performances. It’s so incredibly beautiful.

The last time I saw a musical on the screen was Mamma Mia. I got absolutely hooked and watched it three or four times in the cinema. I couldn’t wait until it came out on film. I even got the soundtrack form my aunt and I was listening to it nonstop all the time. So you might now understand why I was so excited to see La La Land. Plus, who doesn’t love Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone together?

Sitting there in the dark waiting for the film to start I felt like a child on Christmas Eve. I think I sat and had tears in my eyes more or less throughout the entire film. Towards the end I couldn’t hold them in any longer and they just came flowing out. The film definitely stuck a chord with me. I’m not an actress or musician but I think we can all relate to dreaming.

Emma’s and Ryan’s characters reminded me a lot of Jamie and I, it might sound cheesy but it’s true. There was one point in the film where Ryan’s character was saying that Emma’s was good enough and she would succeed when Emma’s was doubting herself and that’s what Jamie does with me. When I’m too scared to believe in my self, he does it for me and I do the same for him. I think that’s what all couples do and it was so relatable.

This film about chasing your dreams even when you struggle to believe in yourself is so beautiful and heartbreaking. I loved how it flirted with the classic musicals we love whilst it was set in our modern age.

It made me think about my life and my dreams and how many times I’ve questioned why I would ever be the one for who their dreams come true. One of my dreams is this blog and what I do here. I want to encourage people to get healthy and exercise more. It’s something that’s so important to me. I would love to spend my life doing that. I now feel even more motivated to try and make something of this blog to help others. I don’t know how many times I’ve doubted myself and have been scared writing and sharing this blog with others. I’ve asked myself so many times why do I do this? Why would people read what I have to say? Why should this blog become successful, but then I’ve eventually thought, why couldn’t it be me? Or Jamie has reminded me. It’s a scary thought, but as the saying goes, aim for the stars and you’ll land on the moon. You have to dream big and work for it and one day hopefully you’ll realise that you’ve made it.

I’ve always struggled to believe in my abilities and to feel like I’m good enough. I’m my own harshest critic and it’s both good and bad when chasing what you want. It makes me perform better but on the other hand I’m not very good at praising myself if I’ve done a good job and I very often think I could’ve done better. This year I want to believe more in myself and that I can do things. It’s one of my goals I hope to achieve.

I hope one day I can look back on this blog and think, WOW, I did it. I made my dreams and goals with it come true.


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Hi lovelies!

Hope you had a lovely end of you weekend. Yesterday was so busy I didn’t get a chance to write anything here. I got up early to get to bootcamp but on the way in I didn’t feel well at all and the thought of me having to do a burpee or push up made my entire body feel exhausted and achey. I don’t ever feel that way unless something’s not right so I decided against taking part. Instead I got a chance to speak a bit to Kat in the showroom for a little while before I went grocery shopping for brunch.

I love having people over for food. I don’t know why but it makes me so happy cooking for people and creating nice food experiences for them. It happened to be Ellie’s and Hampus’s one year anniversary, which was why I wanted to make it even more special. We sat for ages eating away and chatting. It was so lovely and time just flew by!

I prepared lots of delicious healthy options for everyone to pick and choose from, spelt pancakes,  bought nice rye and walnut bread, eggs, mozzarella, lots of fruit, berries and veg. It felt so indulgent but healthy and nutritious at the same time.

Eventually they left and Jamie and I quickly tidied up before heading to the cinema. We were FINALLY going to see La La Land. We were so unbelievably excited for this film and have been dying to see it for months. I was worried it wouldn’t live up to our expectations but oh wow, it did. I can’t write all about it in this post so I’ll write a longer post about this film and my love for it. Go and see it if you can! It’s the best film I’ve ever seen and Jamie said the exact same.