Thank you 2016


Oh 2016, how do I sum you up? There have definitely been some highs and lows but I’m starting 2017 so more sure of what I want with my life and so many experiences richer. I thought I would sum some of my highlights this year in a little list:


  • I completed my dissertation. At one point I never thought I would get my research on paper. Writing my dissertation was one of the most trialling things I have ever done. It pushed me to my very boundaries but in the end I handed it in and looking back I’m so proud of myself and what I accomplished.


  • Of course I had to include graduation. I managed to graduate with a 2:1 and had an incredible day celebrating with my entire family, Jamie, Kajsa and Jamie’s mum Lea. It’s a day I’ll always remember and I’ll never forget I how proud I felt of myself sitting in the big hall waiting for my name to be called out.


  • Jamie and I climbed our first munro together. It’s one of the days I’ll really remember from this year. The skies were so clear and the sun was shining the entire way up. I love going on adventures with my man and I hope we’ll do more of this in 2017.


  • I spent a week in Sweden and really made sure to see old friends I hadn’t seen for ages and spend quality time with my relatives at my grandparent’s summer home, which I haven’t done for years. It felt so great to be back and I hope to make more time to see loved ones in Sweden more in 2017 and spend quality time together.


  • Just after I finished my exams I started working for lululemon with my amazing girls. I didn’t realise what an effect the next couple of months would have on me working there. I’ve learnt so much, done so much and have left so much more confident in my path and what I want to do. I got to be in charge of Sweaty Sundays, the Facebook page and I organised a yoga event amongst so many other things. I was also in the top two for being considered to run the lululemon UK Instagram and Twitter out of everyone who applied. I was disappointed when I didn’t get the job but it made see that I’m actually quite good at what I do, it just wasn’t the right time for me. I’m quite bad at praising myself and thinking that I’m good at things, I’m always chasing to be better so it was a good turn for me. I now look back at the experience with so much pride. It was really a dream come true working for this lululemon and with these girls. It was so tough leaving and I’m now hoping something amazing is around the corner for me.


  • Through my job I had the amazing opportunity to visit a lot of amazing gyms and meet some incredible instructors thoughout the year. A highlight was definitely starting to go regularly to Gym G5 and doing PT sessions with Stella. At the beginning of our sessions I struggled doing any heavy weights with my arms. I now can lift considerably heavier and feel so much more confident in my lifting. I’ve never felt fitter or stronger in my life and am so grateful to this amazing place. I’m so excited for another awesome year of training.


  • I flew down for 24h to London and went to Madeleine Shaw’s cooking class and met some incredible girls. Madeleine is such an inspiration to me and it was amazing to be able to ask her questions. I can’t believe this was my graduation present and I feel so grateful for this experience. I hope to go to another one of her events in 2017.


  • I had the privilege of doing quite a bit of travelling in 2016 and one of the highlights was definitely going to New York with my family for my step mum Anki’s 50th birthday. Mainly because we hadn’t been on proper holiday together for years and secondly, it has always been a dream of mine to go. I loved every moment of it and it still feels like a dream that we were actually there. New York is a city with so much to do so I’m hoping to go back with Jamie one day to further explore this vibrant city.


  • Jamie and I celebrated 4 years together! For my birthday I got a trip from Jamie to Barcelona for our anniversary and we fell in love with this city. The dream combination of beach and city life, the amazing food and beautiful architecture is just perfect. I could see us live there one day when we’re a  lot older. I can’t believe four years has gone since we started dating and I’m so thankful everyday that I’ve got such this amazing human being on my side. I could not have survived this year without him and his support.


  • Another definite highlight of the year was going to SLTN awards at the Hilton with Jamie and all his other accomplishments this year. His dream came true at the awards when The Finnieston won Scotland’s cocktail bar of the year only months after Jamie joined. He was also shortlisted as mixologist of the year in Scotland. He’s now in the top 100 bar professionals in the UK. He’s been promoted to bar manager of The Finnieston and has become whisky ambassador for the entire Kained Holdings Group. His accomplishments this year are just incredible and to be by his side watching his dreams come true and him getting closer to reaching his goals is so inspiring. Jamie knows what he wants and is not afraid to go after it. This is something I really want to get better at in 2017, being fearless like him.


  • My birthday at La Siesta in Spain (and of course our two holidays to Javea). Jamie made me feel like a princess all day. The sun, sea and the beach is what I live for and that’s what I got on my day. Jamie calls me a sun baby and it’s so true haha.

There have definitely been some highs and lows this year but looking back at these incredible memories makes me realise what a great year this has been. Filled with lots of success and love. These are only some of the many incredible things I have to be grateful for this year. I could go on for a lot longer but I figured I had to stop at some point. I truly hope 2017 will be the best one yet and with me applying for jobs anything can happen and whilst it’s scary it’s also very exciting. I can’t wait to see where Jamie and I will be in a year when we’re standing there together waiting for the bells. I hope all of you had a wonderful New year’s Eve surrounded by people you love. Let’s make this year amazing and may it bring you health, wellbeing, happiness, laughter and lots of success my lovelies.

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