Is going to the gym always the right choice?


Yesterday evening I was sitting in the sofa feeling a bit blah, I had booked in to go to class at Gym G5 but wasn’t really feeling it. Eventually I managed to get up to get changed and left the flat to go training. I know by now that once I go to the gym I’ll love it and feel so good afterwards. It’s just getting there when the icy cold rain is pouring down outside, it’s not the most tempting thing in the world to leave the flat then.

I got to the gym and felt fine, it was nice to see everyone and was getting excited for the workout. It was a conditioning class, 50 seconds of hard work and 10 seconds to get to the next station. When Stella told us to start my body felt so extremely weak. There was no energy there at all and I wasn’t sure why. I haven’t felt that weak in a while but I thought it was just an off day and stubborn as I am I powered through and just tried to do my best despite my body feeling a bit off. It felt alright for the rest of the class but in the car ride back with Faye and her mum I felt exhausted, not like myself at all.

I decided to go to bed early and around two in the morning I woke up shivering, with the sorest throat and my body was aching. Yup, I’d become ill. Jamie’s been ill for the past week with a horrendous cold and to think that I wouldn’t get it was probably a lot of wishful thinking on my part. It’s good to be optimistic though, my mindset has definitely helped me before in staying away from getting ill. So I had to message Stella and cancel my PT session this morning with her, if would’ve try to lift something I would probably have passed out.

Anyway, this got me to thinking about how a lot of people say, going to the gym and working out is always the right choice but sometimes it really isn’t. You need to be able to tell the difference between not feeling like you want to go out of laziness or lack of motivation or if your body isn’t feeling well enough. For me when I don’t feel a hundred percent, the gym can help me a lot of the time and sometimes a good workout is exactly what you need but other times you just end up ill, which is so frustrating when you’re on a roll with your exercise regime.

With this I just wanted to say that don’t push yourselves too hard and be kind to your bodies. Listen to what it’s trying to say, I’m still learning and don’t always get it right. It’s good to be stubborn as it will get you places and makes you push yourself to go that extra bit but choose your battles.

Now I’m going to snuggle up in a blanket on the sofa and watch Netflix until Jamie wakes up, he’s off today and we were meant to go and watch La La Land at the cinema. We’ve been dying to see it but I’m not sure if I’ll be able to do anything today. We shall see! I absolutely love Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone together and I love musicals, winning combination! By the way, have you guys seen Ryan Gosling’s speech at the Golden Globes? It was beautiful. I can’t believe they got 7 awards for the film, absolutely incredible. Emma Stone’s speech was beautiful too.

Have a beautiful day everyone and stay well xx

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