Ginger is all you need


I woke up this morning to a flat without internet, I think the crazy weather we’ve had today might have something to do with it. I thought I was going to blow away when I left the flat! So that’s why I haven’t had a chance to blog until now. I’ve felt so much better today, almost entirely recovered weirdly enough. I did not think that my illness would be so short lived, we’ll see how I feel tomorrow. To be on the safe side I’m not going back to the gym until Friday if I’m feeling alright tomorrow. I just don’t want to risk getting unwell again.

I’ve been making ginger shots in our juicer since Monday and I swear that’s helped loads in making feel better. Jamie made me a huge glass of juice yesterday with loads of ginger and today I squeezed more ginger and brought it with me to my sisters and we had a ginger shot each. I’m convinced ginger is one of the best things for you to prevent and get rid of colds. It’s absolutely incredible. I just make my shots with ginger and half a lemon. It works wonders, I promise! It’s quite strong but you feel it doing good.

Today I went and visited my sister who is back from Sweden and France. I finally got to see her halls at uni and her room was very nice and cosy. She so nicely cooked us lunch, a super tasty lentil soup filled with veg. Exactly what you want on a cold windy day like this. It was great seeing her and hearing how she’s been.

We also finally got to exchange Christmas presents! My two sisters got me new slippers and a delicious tea from Whittards. I took Ellie into Whittards ages ago just to make her smell this tea it’s a white tea called Coconut Truffle and it smells heavenly. She had then gone in, didn’t remember the name, and smelled her way to the tea to get it for me for Christmas, so thoughtful of her!

The slippers, which I absolutely loved were unfortunately a bit small and sold out in my size so I ordered another pair, which I’ll get tomorrow. I’ve missed having slippers since my other ones basically disintegrated so I’m really looking forward to something cosy for my feet! From me Ellie got a long sleeved top from lululemon (where else?) that I know she’s been wanting for over a year now. I was so happy to see her reaction when she saw what she’d gotten. I really love giving presents! Is anyone else the same?

Now I’m sipping on my delicious new tea and sorting out some stuff before Jamie comes home from work. Have a lovely evening guys xx

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