It’s the weekend

Confession: I’ve been terrible at taking photos lately so here’s one I’ve taken from one of Jamie’s and my many visits to his parents in Javea. It makes me so happy looking at this picture, I really miss the warmth.

Hi lovelies!

Today’s been quite a nice day. I started off with yoga in the showroom. It was super busy today and lots of people were turned away due to the limited spaces, which is a shame. I think it’s safe to say the word’s out about the complimentary classes at lululemon and the new year health and fitness has begun. It’s great to see so many people taking that time on a Saturday morning for themselves and their wellbeing, I absolutely love it.

The class today was led by Alice Gray from Kali Collective and Shanti yoga. It was quite a chilled class I thought, which I love! Afterwards I headed home to Jamie who actually was off during the day today. A very rare occurrence. I had my leftover vegan lentil fajitas for lunch (the recipe is coming) and we finally got rid off our Christmas tree. It was about time we said goodbye to Christmas, no matter how cosy it is I now want to look forward to spring and summer (summer’s my favourite season of the year!).

Right now I’m waiting for my lovely Emma to come over for dinner, she’s going to her friend’s birthday party afterwards and has invited me to come along but I don’t know if I will. I’m feeling quite happy to have a nice relaxed evening. I’ve got bootcamp tomorrow and my sister Ellie and her boyfriend Hampus are coming over for brunch, which I need to plan a bit. I’m so excited to have them over! We’ll see if I change my mind about the party or not.

Have a great Saturday everyone and speak to you later xx

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