Sweden bound

Hi my dears!

Hectic last day before travelling yesterday! I had lots of stuff to get done and I finally felt better to get back G5 for a workout in the evening before I’m away.

I finally felt like I’d got my energy back during the session and I managed to do the most advanced level the evening’s conditioning training. It took a while but I got through it and it felt so good to feel more like myself. I felt like a new person when I left. 

I really don’t feel like I’m myself when I don’t train. It’s become a part of me (as weird as it sounds) to exercise and I love the feeling of accomplishing things I couldn’t do before and feeling stronger. It becomes a bit of an addiction. I’ll miss G5 and all my friends there when I’m away!

Jamie and I are right now on the bus to the airport. There’s been an accident so we’re a bit delayed but we should be okay for time. I can’t wait to see my family and friends and having Jamie with me just makes it even more special.

I’ll speak to you in Sweden lovelies. Have a great day! Xxx

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