Can’t get enough of this

When I woke up at 7.30am yesterday I caught this beautiful sunriseimg_0782
Went for another 6km run and finished off with some exercises on the beach. Tomato face!
The best reward after my workout session was to just sit on the beach and look out over the sea
img_0805 img_0900
We went to the beach restaurant Lido Plage for a sunny lunch
Anki was excited to get food
img_0910 img_0911
We ended up sharing a chocolate fondant for dessert. Absolutely love them!

Hi my babes! I can’t keep track of the days when I’m here, it’s so nice to just be and not have to worry about life for a couple of days. Yesterday was a lot warmer and I definitely noticed it during my run along the Promenade! I was quite the tomato face at the end of my workout but it felt great to be moving again. My legs were feeling a little bit stiff after running the previous day, my body is really not used to running that much:-P

At the end of my workout I sat down just by the edge of the water to appreciate all the beauty around me. The sound from the waves is so soothing and it’s even more amazing this time of year when the beaches aren’t filled with people. That’s nice too but it felt so special sitting there on an almost empty beach on such a stunning day.

For lunch we rented some Velo Bleus (the French version of Boris bikes for those in the UK) and cycled along the front to Lido Plage. I’d never been before but my family is a huge fan of this beach restaurant. I was absolutely starving at this point and immediately decided on whatever fish they had caught for the day served with grilled veg and rice.

It was absolutely stunning and so fresh. The waiter actually deboned the fish at the table (saved me a lot of work when I was so hungry, which was very much appreciated hehe). It was sunny for most of our lunch but unfortunately a huge wall of clouds came out of nowhere and all of a sudden it got a lot colder. So we ordered some teas and coffees to keep warm because we just had to order chocolate fondants for dessert as soon as we saw it on the menu. Anki and I shared one andSarah ordered an entire one for herself. That’s what I usually do if I’m craving a dessert, share it with someone, then I don’t eat the whole thing 😛

It was sooooo good and served with an incredible vanilla ice cream and cream (I’m really not a fan of cream so I skipped that part).

After our delicious meal we got the bus back (it was a bit too cold to cycle back) and went grocery shopping before spending a chilled evening in the flat. We played loads of rounds of Uno and watched Crazy Stupid Love before going to bed. I love that film and I’m obsessed with Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling together.

Today it’s still a bit grey and cold so I skipped my run and took it easy this morning. Not sure what we’re doing this afternoon. I’m hoping the clouds will go away. I might head into central Nice to look in some shops but we shall see 🙂

Have a great day everyone xx

I feel alive again


Just after surprising my sis ❤

Never without my oats
When in France you can’t deny yourself a croissant…

My morning run

Ran to the beautiful Negresco and back
It got so warm after a while I had to get my layers off
I can never get enough of this view
Lunch in the sun

Delicious dinner, the sweet potato is even sweeter here!

What an amazing first day it was! I got up and surprised Sarah and after lots of cuddles we had a delicious breakfast all of us. Of course I had porridge, because breakfast without oats is just not really breakfast in my world:-P I did have a slightly smaller portion so I could indulge in a freshly baked croissant and a bit of baguette (when in France!).

After breakfast I needed my daily dose of movement and exercise so I headed down to Promenade des Anglaise and ended up running 6km. I’ve never particularly enjoyed running but it’s something about being down there by the sea and everyone walking, running cycling, you just want to be a part of it. The run was quite tough (more mentally than anything else, after a while I get slightly bored if I don’t stay focused on a goal) but I got through it and had a little mini break by Negresco (an sbolutely stunning hotel down here) and then ran the same way back.

It is quite cold in the air still but the sun is hot so after while I was sweating and had to strip off to cool down. I didn’t pack any shorts stupidly enough so leggings will have to do for this trip (unless I find some I like). Oh well, I’ll survive. I finished off with some push ups, burpees and other fun things at the end before stretching whilst overlooking the sea. It felt great!

In the afternoon we headed in to central Nice for lunch. I had a delicious Nicoise salad, the portion was tiny though so it was more like a snack for me hehe. It felt amazing sitting with the sun in your face watching people stroll by on their Sunday walks. Being in the warmth makes me feel alive. I definitely live in the wrong part of the world! The dream would be to live somewhere a bit warmer one day. We sat at the restaurant for ages just chatting and relaxing.

When it started getting chillier we got the bus back to the flat where we spent the evening reading and relaxing some more. For dinner I made Anki and I salads whilst Sarah had something else. The vegetables taste so much better than what we could ever get further up north in Europe. The sweet potato was so incredibly sweet and flavourful. It just felt like sweet potato flavour times ten. Delicious!


My escape to the sun

A quite tired Maddie on the way to the airport

Glasgow Airport has for a really long time lacked in healthy food options since EAT closed down a while ago but I was happily surprised that James Martin Kitchen had opened up. Had a look but didn’t get anything. Looked a bit like Pret a Manger.

I rarely go to Starbucks but they do have a nice green tea so I had one whilst waiting for my plane with some snacks.
More snacks because what is travelling without snacks?

My dinner in Schipol, not great but it was food at least. 

Hi lovelies! Sorry for not writing sooner, it’s been a busy day. On Friday evening I was sitting at home in Glasgow with no real plans at all of what I was going to do for the next couple of days. Jamie’s going away on a whisky trip for about a week and without him around, being unemployed and not having that much to do it felt quite tough being at home.

I was messaging with my step mum Anki, her and my youngest sister Sarah were heading to our family’s flat down in Nice and she just said, why not come with us? I hesitated for a while although I really wanted to go (money and all) and after thinking about it for a little while I thought, why not? I know me being unemployed is only temporary and I might as well make the most of this free time and spend time with my family who I don’t get to see that much.

It was also very tempting to feel some warmth from the sun to be honest. So there I was 11 in the evening on Friday night booking flights to leave in the afternoon the next day. I’ve never felt so spontaneous 😉 I love planing everything so it felt good to do something last minute for once and just go for it.

The next day I cleaned the flat, packed my bags and eventually headed for the airport. Unfortunately the flight was delayed a bit but I didn’t mind that much, as long as I wouldn’t miss my connecting plane in Amsterdam. I got plenty of time to get to my gate in the end so it was fine. I grabbed a veggie salad in Amsterdam on the way with some falafel in it, it wasn’t very good and felt very artificial somehow but it was the best I could find on my way to my gate. I’m usually better with bringing food with me but sometimes life gets in the way.

I really don’t like flying because I usually get the worst stomach pains. I struggle with bloating and cramps quite often (really need to get to the bottom of it) and when I fly, if I get stomach pains, it feels ten times worse. I think in this case, I didn’t get a chance to plan my meals because it was so last minute and I didn’t eat enough. By the time I arrived in the flat the pain was so bad I could barely walk properly so whilst I was excited to see Anki (Sarah was asleep and had no idea I was there), I was in agony. Eventually I got something to eat and the pain slowly went away. Does anyone else struggle with this? It’s horrible!

Anyway, this morning when I got up, Sarah was on the sofa on her iPad and I came up behind her and said good morning. She was in shock and was incredibly confused but the smile on her face was amazing. Love that girl so much!

We had a great day today but I’ll tell you more about it tomorrow because I’m exhausted and would love to get an early night. Good night and sleep tight<3

The last couple of days

Post haircut! Samantha curled my hair but the next day it had gone completely straight! Usually curls last forever in my hair, very strange. I love the feeling after just having a haircut, the hair feels so fresh and new.

An empty gym just before my PT session, it’s weird coming in and not being surrounded by lots of people getting ready for class.

Back at Fly Fitness with Kate. Always have a great time in this gym.


Good morning babes! I was up nice and early today, couldn’t sleep. I haven’t really slept properly this week and it’s definitely taking it’s toll. Anyway, I don’t let it get in my way of my day and I’ve been quite busy, hence the silence here. I also needed some time to regain inspiration after my previous post about my mum. It’s always a tough subject to speak about but I’m so glad I shared it with you.

One of my New Years resolutions was to go to the hairdresser a bit more often to try and keep my hair a bit longer and cut off as much every time. So on Wednesday I went to my favourite salon Anderson’s and had my haircut by my amazing hairdresser Samantha. She is so good at what she does and just laughs at me now when I say I want as little as possible cut. I must probably be one of her easier clients, always getting the same haircut:-P

I’ve been training loads this week and it’s been a week of lots of PBs! I managed to do an entire workout on the 30 inch box after my high jump at the gym last Sunday with Kamila. The boxes at Stella’s (Gym G5) are wooden and immediately it feels a bit scarier even though it’s not quite as high. If you ever have fallen on a wooden box (which I have) you’ll know the pain. It is crazy how injured you can get on the edges. I’ve got a scar on my leg from it.

With Faye’s support I jumped and did the entire workout on that height. It felt so good but it was tiring to say the least! Afterwards Faye, Debra and I headed to Kali Collective for a Yoga Nidra class led by Kat. It was so amazing to go to that class before going home for the evening. I felt so zoned out and relaxed at the end. It took a while for my thoughts to stop spinning but eventually I could feel them going more and more quiet.

On Thursday Stella and I were doing some deadlifts as part of my PT session and somehow she got me doing 3 reps of 80kg conventional deadlifts. No idea where that came from! Usually at that weight I lift  in sumo (a much wider stance) and do like one rep but it did not feel as heavy so somehow I did three. It’s crazy how quickly your body gets stronger and much more you can do when someone is training with you.

Yesterday I was at Fly Functional Fitness with Kate for their half an hour lunch time HIIT session. You think that sounds alright because of how short it is but it’s the more intense to make up for it. I felt slightly nauseous at one point but kept on going. Lots of jump squats, sprints, push ups and burpees. David who coaches the class is so great and supportive. You can really tell he loves what he does and wants everyone’s technique to be spot on to get the most out of their training.

In the evening I headed to Stella’s where we were doing more deadlifts and practicing toes to bar. My toes to bar are slowly getting there! One day they’ll touch it. I love having stuff to work on and the day you achieve it is such a great day and you feel amazing. Like all the hard work has paid off. What are you guys working on right now?

Anyway, I need to get organised for something I’m doing later! I’ll let you know tomorrow but I can’t tell you right now 😛

Have a lovely Saturday everyone xxx