Where did I go?

My beautiful Stockholm

Hi everyone!

I went into full holiday mode during my time in Sweden. It was super busy seeing everyone when we were there and we pretty much spent every second with my family or friends. When you don’t see each other very often you have to make the most of it. I’ll be posting about what we got up to (a lot of delicious places to eat in Stockholm amongst other things).

Coming back to reality and going back to applying for jobs was tough. I’ve felt pretty down since I got back. It was nice to get space from the situation when I was in Stockholm but now I’m in full applying for jobs mode. Nothing is more stressful I think but I’m so tired of not having a place to go which I love so now I need to continue the search for my next job.

This morning I’ve been browsing everywhere and I’ve found a couple of places I’m going to send in my CV to so we’ll see what happens.

I didn’t get many workouts in during my time in Sweden and on Monday evening I was back at Gym G5 for a class. I could definitely feel that I hadn’t been for a while. It was great to get back into it. Yesterday I went a lifted some weights and today I’m so sore I can barely walk haha.

Another class a G5 has been booked in for tonight (hopefully I’ll feel a little bit less sore after another session) and afterwards I’m going to Emma’s for dinner. I’m really looking forward to seeing her.

Speak to you later x


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