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On one of the Sundays in Sweden Jamie and I went to the Royal Armoury, my favourite museum in Stockholm. My grandmother used to take my cousins and I all the time when we were little. I think it’s incredible how much they’ve preserved from our royal history throughout the years. This visit I actually learnt it’s the oldest museum in Sweden, the collection is about 400 years old! If I remember correctly.

My favourite part is definitely all the clothes and the absolutely stunning horse carriages. They, like a lot museums in Stockholm, have free admission. So if you’re looking for something a bit more cultural to do during your Stockholm visit definitely pay the Royal Armoury a visit. Jamie said he found it super interesting.

Afterwards we were starving and wanted to go somewhere for lunch. I had completely forgotten a lot of eateries are closed on Sundays in Stockholm. After a bit of walking Jamie remembered a place in Mood Gallerian (a stunning shopping centre in the city centre) we’d walked past a couple of days ago. He said we should go and check it out. I definitely didn’t argue with this as it had caught my eye too.

Holy Greens is found on the ground floor of this quite exclusive shopping centre. It must have opened up recently because I stroll about in Mood every time I’m in Stockholm and haven’t seen it before. After a bit of research whilst writing this post I now know they have a couple of more units across the country, two of them are in Stockholm.

On their menu on the wall it explains they only use organic local produce and change their menu four times a year with the seasons. I loved the sound of this. On a screen on one of the walls you could see the farms they sourced all their ingredients from. It was a really nice touch that you could see where your food is from.

When we read through the menu everything sounded delicious and so interesting. Jamie went for a Vietnamese beef salad with glass noodles and as soon as I read falafel in one of the salads I knew I had to get it. I did change a couple of things in my salad and it seemed like a lot of customers did, it’s nice that they’re so flexible. I love quinoa so had that instead of rice, beetroot hummus instead of lemon créme and added avocado (I can’t say no to avocado in my salad and I was starving).

The salads are made up as you order (a bit like a salad version of Subway but with A LOT better ingredients and with a nicer space to eat). My salad was served with a spicy red pepper dressing. We quickly grabbed our seats and tucked in. MY GOODNESS, it was insanely good. It felt so fresh and I loved how filling it was. The servings were very generous and if I hadn’t been so hungry I would’ve struggled to finish it.

Jamie who doesn’t really ever order salads loved his too. He said it was the best salad he’s ever had. Not too bad! The only said he didn’t like was the jalapeño dressing, I tried some of the dressing and it wasn’t the best.

I loved how quick and fresh Holy Greens was. Definitely healthy and tasty fast food at it’s best. I love when eateries like these make healthy eating accessible and easy. Hopefully it will encourage more people to nourish themselves with nutritious food. Their food was full of beautiful flavours and unlike a lot of places I’ve been to left me full and for a long while as well. A great place to pick up a tasty meal on a sunny summer’s day to take down to the park but it was nice to sit in as well.


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