Family times

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It’s been super busy with Jamie’s mum visiting and I haven’t really had a chance to update you guys here. Sorry about that! We had such a lovely time with her. On Monday evening we went to 111 by Nico for dinner and yesterday she treated Jamie and I to brunch at Singl-end. We can’t get enough of that place. I love that there’s something for everyone there. I ventured out of comfort zone of always ordering the vegan breakfast and had their roasted veg and beetroot hummus on their Supernova Super Seeded bread with mushroom soup on the side. Yum! It was lovely and how beautiful and colourful is it? We also may have shared their vegan scones. They’re becoming a definite weak spot…

I wanted to give you a little peak of the latest edition to my workout wardrobe, Hit It 7/8 legging from lululemon. Surprise! I had another pair that went bobbly after less than a months use so I went in and got them swapped for these beauties instead. I absolutely love them, they fit like a glove and don’t move a bit when I train. The meshy bits don’t only look good but keeps me cool during sweaty sessions, love it! I’ll take some better photos of them soon.

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