Trying Kombucha


When I was in Sweden my aunt and I were in a health shop browsing about when she asked me if I’d ever tried Kombucha and I hadn’t. So as a treat she wanted to buy me a bottle and I was of course very intrigued. I’ve heard so many great things and that it works wonders for your stomach helping with digestion and gut health as well as being energising. I’m all for anything that helps your stomach, I struggle a lot with stomach pains and discomfort. It’s easily bloated or upset. It’s definitely something I’m working on and want to improve.

There are lots of flavours to choose from but all of you know my my obsession with ginger so that was an easy decision for me. The flavour was quite sour and reminded me a bit of vinegar but less vinegary than actual vinegar if that makes sense. So if you’re hoping for something sweet, this is definitely not it. I thought it was nice but I’m not sure if I would order it again. Perhaps if I feel like mixing it up and buying something different to drink.

If you’re thinking of trying it out, make sure that it’s raw to get all the benefits from it. Be careful of exposing your kombucha to heat, this can increase the alcohol level of the drink as it helps the bacteria to grow. There have been incidents where alcohol has been found in kombucha due to the bottles not being refrigerated.

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