Sleepless night


Hi my dears!

Hope Thursday is treating you well. I had a killer PT session with Stella this morning. I didn’t think I would make it through the workout at one point. I felt so dead but somehow for each round of our partner workout we managed to reduce our time. It was little things in my technique Stella helped me to improve throughout the workout to be more efficient and it shows that even though we got more and more tired, the technique improved and so did our time. I was incredibly proud that we reduced our time by 1 minute and 15 seconds. Crazy!

I didn’t manage to sleep that well last night, Jamie was out with a friend who is leaving for Denmark next week and had another friend calling him on Facebook so his tablet woke me up by making ringing noises. I got so scared and woke up.

I’m one of those people who really struggles to get back to sleep once I’ve been woken up and was up for over two hours trying to get back to sleep. I also start to think way too much and eventually got really stressed about life and my thoughts that I had to start reading in my book to silence everything. I figured it was better than just lying there. It really helped to occupy my mind and I felt so much more relaxed. Once Jamie got back I eventually managed to get back to sleep.

So now I feel like a zombie 😛 I might have to have a nap later but I really dislike naps, I usually wake up feeling worse than I did before it. I rather go to bed earlier and sleep during the night. I think I’ve come to realise that I don’t really like to sleep. I do it because I have to and that I need sleep but I have never been one that can sleep for 10 hours and I don’t like sleeping the day away. I find it wasteful. I have so many people around them who love napping and sleeping in but I’m definitely not one of them haha.

I’m going to go and see if Jamie is alive now. Speak to you soon!

Love, M xx

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