My weekend

Faye’s delicious vegan cauliflower cheese, to die for!
I got back to the mat and went for a yoga class on Saturday morning with the lovely Claire Innes. She’s so amazing.
Watched the third round of Swedish Eurovision outtakes with Emma and Kamila with lots of tasty snacks.
Sunday morning gym session with Kamila

We might as well call this post Maddie’s Eating Tour because essentially feels like what I’ve been doing this weekend. Hello by the way my dears! My eating weekend started off on Friday when I headed over to Faye’s for dinner. She had made vegan cauliflower cheese which was sooo good. It was crazy to think that there was no dairy in that sauce. That woman has a talent in the kitchen. She had also made some raw vegan pistachio truffles covered in dark chocolate. I died a little. It was so great to finally see their place, it’s so nice. I’ll have to invite myself for dinner again soon 😉

On Saturday I booked in for a class at Kali Collective. I haven’t been to yoga for weeks so I thought it was time for me to roll out my mat again. It was the amazing Claire Innes leading the class and I felt so great being back. A lot stiffer than usual but you’ve got to start somewhere.

In the evening I headed over to Emma’s to watch the Swedish Eurovision outtakes. It was the third round out of five and it was so bad. There was only one song that was alright and the hosts leading the show were really awkward. A shame but we still had a good time. Emma served up some tasty snacks and it was such a lovely evening with her and Kamila.

Kamila mentioned when we were at Emma’s she was planning on going to the gym on Sunday morning and so was I so we decided to meet up and do a workout together. I haven’t worked out with anyone in the university gym for ages. When I’m doing my own thing in the gym and not going to Gym G5 I usually prefer blasting my music and do my own thing but it’s fun to mix it up.

It was fun to show Kamila how I like to workout and there were a couple of things she’s never tried before. We started off with a lot of barbell work (deadlifts, squats, thrusters). Afterwards I showed her box jumps and burpee box overs. It feels really powerful being able to jump onto something really high, being strong enough to have that control over your bodyweight and to work with it in such a way.

At the end of our little box jump session I felt like I wanted to try to and jump higher. The boxes were soft so the worst that could happen would be me bouncing of them. Only slightly less painful than falling on a wooden box, which is what I usually jump on. I ended up stacking up 35.5 inches of boxes and it looked so high standing in front of them. How on earth was I going to jump that?!

With Kamila encouraging me I did a big jump and all of a sudden I was on top of this tower. I had no idea the amount of power I had in my legs. It’s crazy! I was a bit too comfortable and needed a push to get out of my comfort zone. I did a couple of more jumps and Kamila filmed it for me. Head over to my Instagram to check it out 🙂 It was such an achievement for me!

Now I need to continue job hunting, speak to you later ❤

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