Sightseeing in Berlin Day 2

Memorial for the Murdered Jews of Europe

Berliner Dome

Checkpoint Charlie

We were wondering for ages what these colourful pipes were for. You find them all over the city. Apparently it prevents Berlin from flooding due to the high ground water levels because Berlin is built on a swamp (fun fact if you didn’t already know).

My pasta at Spindler

On day two I woke up quite early to hit the gym at the hotel. I didn’t expect anything spectacular but I really to move and get a bit sweaty before breakfast. I had a handful of almonds (I really can’t workout on an empty stomach, fasted training is not for me) and headed up.

The gym was tiny and just next to the hotel’s swimming pool, it was like a sauna in there. So I definitely got my sweat on. I don’t really like using machines and that’s mainly what was on offer other than dumbbells so after a warmup on the crosstrainer the rest of the workout was with the dumbbells. I felt great but I was absolutely starving. Good thing we had buffet breakfast waiting for us.

After breakfast we headed into town in the beautiful sunny weather. We walked in the gigantic park towards the Jewish Memorial. I don’t know how many photos I’ve seen of friends going to this place and I couldn’t wait to see it with my own eyes. It was very different from what I thought it would be and there were quite a few people there.

I thought the actual memorial would be crowded but once we got inside it it felt incredibly peaceful and quiet. It really made you think of what it represents and why it’s there. We also went into the museum underneath (I highly recommend you going in there). We were in it for quite a while reading everything, it was interesting to be reminded once again of what had happened. t’s been awhile since I last read about and it’s crazy how much you forget. We need to remember our history so we never repeat it again. Some of the things inside brought tears to my eyes, it’s heartbreaking.

Once we’d gone through the museum we had lunch at The Store Kitchen. As I mentioned in my mini healthy eating guide to Berlin, it was amazing. We absolutely loved it. We then headed towards Museum Island to look at the Berlin Dome and the other stunning buildings in the area. Our walk then continued to Checkpoint Charlie. That was quite strange, to stand in a place which such historical significance. It’s hard to imagine what it would’ve been like at the time when you were surrounded by tourists.

We were freezing after standing outside and reading all the information and headed to the hotel before our dinner at a restaurant called Spindler. It was really delicious food in a cosy setting. I had a veggie mushroom ravioli. I haven’t had pasta for ages and it was lovely. The food wasn’t mind blowing but still super good. If you are in the neighbourhood it’s worth a visit.

You are stronger than you think

“Maddie is a machine” has quite a good ring to it I think 😉 

Kilo doing some stretches

Severe case of tomato face

Good morning my lovelies! I hope you’ve had a beautiful start to your day. I was at Stella’s (Gym G5) last night and the evening’s session was a Tabata class. 20 seconds work, 10 seconds rest, five stations, eight rounds on each station. You had to do the same amount of reps each round to keep your score, so it was on!

At the last station, which was toes to bar I couldn’t feel my grip muscles anymore towards the end. It felt really strange. After the session Stella and I agreed to start our final two PT sessions next morning (today). We’ve had a break with both of us being away and travelling recently. As soon as I said yes I thought, oh god, I don’t know if my arms will be able to do anything tomorrow. I can’t believe our sessions are coming to an end. I’ve absolutely loved training with her. I’ll still be going to G5 but for now our one on one sessions are soon over. Sad times!

Luckily I woke up just a little bit achey but fit for fight. I’m glad I felt that way because Stella had planned out a killer session and by killer I mean KILLER. I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to finish the workout at one point or how I was going to even do another rep. It was a I-Go-You-Go. So you take turns in doing the work but there was barely any rest, or at least it didn’t feel like it. At one point I actually felt a bit nauseous but in these situations you just have to dig really deep and find that fighting spirit inside you. It’s in there.

It’s so easy to give up but to keep on moving takes a lot of inner strength. Your body is capable of a lot more than you think, even when you don’t think you could do another rep. You can. You’re stronger than you think. It’s your brain you have to convince. That’s something I’ve learnt whilst training with Stella and at G5.

It was really muggy and quite warmish outside today so the sweat was dripping. After my final walking lunge of the final round I just collapsed on the floor. The feeling of exhaustion was there but the feeling of success and accomplishment over the fact that I managed to push through even when I didn’t think it would be physically possible, was even greater.

What I’m trying to say is, you can do it. Always strive to complete a workout, never give up. Even if it takes you a bit longer than everyone else. Be stubborn. The feeling of accomplishment afterwards will be worth it, I promise. This is how you’ll see results and you’ll leave the gym feeling like a winner for persevering.

This is truly why I think the gym helps you in so many other ways than just physically. You need to be mentally strong to get through some workouts and to lift heavier takes a lot of mental strength and confidence in your ability. You have to be stubborn and you have want to finish with every bit of you. This definitely has made me more mentally strong. You also learn that things don’t last forever, a workout no matter how tough it is will come to an end and you’ll come out alive at the other end too. Even though it might not always feel that way!

Go out there and smash it babes. In case no one told you today, you’re awesome and you can accomplish anything you set your mind to. Have a great day and we’ll speak soon ❤

My life with MSM

Those of you who have been following this blog for a while now know I’ve been struggling with stomach problems for ages. When I was younger I had huge problems with gastritis, too much gastric acid due to poor diet, stress and chewing too much chewing gum (it causes you to produce gastric acid as it tricks your stomach into thinking it’s getting food).

At university I started to care more about my health and changed my diet and started training more. My diet has been evolving since to now mainly eating vegan food at home. Right now it’s healthier than it’s ever been and my gastritis has with time disappeared too.

However, I started getting a new problem, an irritated stomach and stomach pains. My stomach would start aching and bloating because of the most random things. I went to the doctor after struggling with this for I don’t even know how long. He thought I had IBS and suggested trying to try excludw different foods from my diet to see how I would feel but when I started reading about it, it didn’t feel like what I was experiencing.

It said garlic and onion are two of the main things which causes irritability but I didn’t get a sore stomach after every meal I had (we like most people use garlic and onion in the majority of our cooking) and a dish could sometimes trigger the pains and other times I didn’t feel anything at all. I did notice a relation when I left too long between my meals, when I then did eat my stomach would hurt and swell up like a balloon (I eat regularly most of the time to avoid this). This made sense since I would stuff my face and not chew my food properly. I also would get a sore stomach eating out. I thought this again was logical since my body’s not used to that kind of cooking as I cook very differently at home.

Sometimes my stomach would get so sore I could barely move and I just had to lie down in bed and my upper part of my stomach would look like a balloon. It was really intense.

What I really felt was that my stomach was out of balance. It would get annoyed with me for the tiniest things. I felt like I was being punished by it whenever something wasn’t quite up to scratch. Sometimes even punished for eating. It made eating horrible at times.

I started doing some research last summer and Swedish health and fitness blogger Ida Warg was talking about this powder called MSM in one of Youtube videos she posted around then. It sounded like a miracle powder. MSM is sulphur and we used to get it naturally though our food but don’t as much anymore due to less nutrients in our soil. People who have used this regularly have gotten rid of severe joint pains they’ve suffered from for years in a matter of weeks. It also helps with your skin, your nails, your hair, it can help you get rid off allergies, with asthma, psoriasis, it energises and it can help your stomach and digestion. Any Swedish people reading this should watch her Youtube video about it here.

I still wasn’t quite convinced to try it and it wasn’t until I was home in Sweden this January at my parents’ and speaking about these problems with them my dad suggested MSM. He also struggles with stomach pains at times so I think my easily irritated stomach could maybe have been partially inherited from him, thanks dad 😛

He had been taking MSM and said it’s meant to help. I started taking it when I was there but a week isn’t enough to feel any real results so before I left I bought a small tub of it.

It’s super important to gradually increase the dosage (have a look on the powder you decide to get). The reason why is because you can very easily feel nauseous, get really bad headaches and other side effects due to how MSM cleanses your system.

MSM doesn’t taste good so take it with as little water as possible and just shot it and have loads of water afterwards. You do get used to the flavour sort of but it’s not great.

So how has this helped me with my stomach? It’s been a very gradual change and I wasn’t actually sure for a while whether it was working. I can now say after using it for a couple of months that it’s helped me so much. I now rarely get as bad stomach pains. It feels like it has helped balance my stomach and I can’t really remember the last time I had really severe pains. I haven’t changed my diet so it really must be because of MSM. Any other effects? I can’t really say if it’s helped me anything else. My skin is worse than ever but I think that’s due to stress and searching for jobs which is causing me to break out plus using skincare which didn’t agree with me (that’s now sorted and already getting better).

I’m going to continue using it and see where this takes me and will keep you posted! I’ve had a quick look and it seems to be a bit difficult to get a hold of here in the UK or a lot of the things I found seemed strangely cheap, which makes me question the quality. It’s important that you invest in something, which is high in quality and pure. I actually have to get more as my little tub has been all used up so if you want I’ll let you know when I end up getting.

If you’re trying it out please share in the comments. I’d love to hear how you’re getting on with it ❤

Greaves Sports Reebok Launch

Hi lovelies! Hope you’re having a great start to the day. I didn’t sleep that well last night but I’m still determined to make this a productive day. I’ve got some very exciting news, Greaves Sports  have gotten in touch with me because they’re launching an all new Reebok area in their store.

So on Saturday there’ll be a huge event in the store starting at about midday for anyone to join in. There’ll be competitions happening and the Reebok ambassadors will be in store too for some talks. It sounds like a great day and I’m so happy to get the chance to invite you guys there too! I love that there’s so much going on recently in Glasgow recently with the Om Yoga Show last weekend and now this event on Saturday. More health and fitness events for the Glaswegian people I say!

I really hope to see you there and please say hi if you see me! ❤