Travel day

Woke up just after 6 and got to see this beautiful sunrise
img_1135 img_1137
One last breakfast
Couldn’t deny myself a last croissant
The best way to get around Nice! There are Velo Bleu stations everywhere so they are super easy to jump on and off. Definitely worth looking into if you are ever planning on going. A great way to get some movement in as well.
The airport is like a 25 minute walk from my family’s flat. I love stretching my legs before travelling.
Getting my Joe and the Juice fix at the airport
I always go for the Energiser and an avocado sandwich. This sandwich is one of the tastiest things ever, unfortunately they were out of mozzarella so I had spinach instead. Still super tasty.
img_1146 img_1150
A very late lunch at Martha’s

Hi lovelies, can’t believe it’s Monday already. Where did that weekend go? On Thursday last week I woke up so early (I can never sleep when I’m going to travel) but I caught another beautiful sunrise, which made it all a bit better. The morning was spent tidying the flat and getting sorted for travelling.

I had a bit of time before heading for the airport so I sat on the balcony for a while reading my book and just enjoying the company of Anki and Sarah before leaving. Their plane was leaving a bit later than mine. I decided to walk to the airport since I only had my hand luggage with me. I’ve never heard of another airport which you can walk to this easily. I loved to that I could move my legs a bit before sitting down for the rest of the day.

My plane was leaving from Terminal 2 but I stopped by Terminal 1 on the way to grab a sandwich and juice form Joe and the Juice. We don’t have one in Glasgow. I wish more than anything that they would open one here. So I of course had to get my fix when I had the chance. I was undecided whether I was going to save my sandwich for later or not but I ended up eating it straight away, couldn’t resist:-P

Terminal 2 was under construction and it was a bit unclear where I was meant to go but I found my way to the plane in the end. There is just a Costa through security there at the moment so if you’re going anytime soon, be warned if you’re looking for any other kind of food.

The stopover in Schipol was quite a stressful affair and I just made it onto the plane. I was hoping for a bit more time so I could grab some lunch (I only brought snacks) but I didn’t see anything between the gates. Schipol is so big that you never know how long it’s going to take getting between places.

So once I was back in Glasgow I immediately headed straight to Martha’s (can’t get enough of that place). I had a salad with freekeh, butternut squash and lots of other delicious things and added falafel. It’s my go to thing, the salad changes depending on what they have on offer but I always have it with ovenbaked falafel. I don’t know what they do to it but it’s sooo good. Once I was there I was so hungry and ordered something else than my usual but I was still hungry after that meal that I ordered just a side of their falafel as well:-P Slightly obsessed…

Then I just headed straight home to dump everything and go grocery shopping.

I already miss my family, Nice and the warmth so much. Glasgow has been quite sunny since I got back but it’s not quite the same thing. Nice is a place that will always be so special to me. Until next time Nice!

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