Gym date


Happy Monday everyone! So yesterday I met up with Hannah at the gym for our first ever gym date. Hannah’s a amazing girl I met about a year ago at lululemon’s yoga classes. She just walked in one day, we started talking and the rest is history. She’s such good fun and we share a love for health and fitness. We used to go to the lululemon’s bootcamps together on Sundays but now when they aren’t on anymore we decided to start working out together on Sundays instead.

She was in charge of the workout and we had such a good time together practicing pushup technique and pull ups. We then moved on to other exercises such as bent over row, push presses, squats, deadlifts and lots of other fun things. It was really fun to mix it up and we laughed so much throughout our session.

At the end we practiced some handstand drills (I would love to do a proper handstand one day). I loved the exercises on the ball at the end (what a core workout). I’m going to practice those to get as good as Hannah. Look at her in the last photo! We were there for so long and we completely lost track of time. Loved it.

I can’t wait for our next session together 😀

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