Allergy and Free From Show

Hi my dears! On Sunday Jamie and I paid a quick visit to the Allergy and Free From Show at the SECC. Jamie could not stop saying how ironic it was that we’re not even allergic or intolerant to anything 😛 True, but as I’ve said before, I’m eating more vegan food so I’m always looking for food and ideas to help me on this path. Therefore I thought this show would be fun to visit.

I wasn’t really sure what to expect but when we got there, the show was actually quite big. Perhaps not such a huge surprise when you consider the fact companies such as Tesco and Sainsbury were at the event and sponsoring it.

There was so much food to look at! I was over the moon when I saw that Whole Foods was there. Whole Foods is a bit tricky to get to from where Jamie and I live so we don’t go very often (probably for the best, our bank account is very thankful). We’re those people who go in there and want to buy the entire shop. It’s bad.

Anyway, they had some stock with them and I found loads of healthy snacks that I wanted to try (of course I’ll write a little review of them as I eat them here on the blog). I also bought cashew milk from Plenish. I’ve been wanting to try cashew milk for a while because I absolutely love cashews. Can’t get enough. I think they must’ve had some discounts on for the show because it really didn’t cost much all together.

We continued walking about and looking at all the stalls for a while. Jamie perhaps wasn’t super interested in all this stuff but was the world’s best boyfriend for coming with me. We weren’t there for very long, a lot of stalls had sold all their stock by the time we got there. A great sign that it must’ve been busy.

I love that more and more companies are providing food for people with allergies and intolerances. It was super interesting to see how big it’s becoming.

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