Review: Ape Natural Coconut Bites

So I have some snacks to work my way through after the Allergy and Free From Show. Not that I’m complaining! I love sharing what I think here about the things I try because there is nothing worse than a disappointing snack.

I’m a master snacker, or so does anyone say who spends a considerate amount time with me, so who better than me to judge whether a snack is good not? 😉

The other evening I was feeling a bit peckish but wasn’t sure what I wanted, I knew it was something savoury at least. I thought Ape’s Coconut Bites would be the perfect solution to snack my dilemma. I’ve tried their Coconut Curls before but not the bites so wasn’t sure what to expect.

I love the simplicity of the ingredients in the bites, just coconut, tapioca and sea salt. The bites are baked so nothing fried here.

I absolutely loved them! They were like little dessicated coconut hockey pucks. They tasted so delicious and salty with a slight hint of sweetness from the coconut. I could eaten packets of these. If I was feeling more hungry this on it’s own wouldn’t fill me up but if you’re just wanting something small or are craving crisps. This is definitely what you should go for.

I usually end up eating a sweet raw bar of some form when I’m looking for a snack on the run so it was great to find a savoury snack to turn to as well to change it up.

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