Hello Berlin 

Hi babes! We’re in Berlin! We had an amazing first day. A bit rainy but we really didn’t mind. 
We were starving when we arrived at our hotel yesterday. We’re staying at the Sana Berlin Hoteland it’s lovely. As soon as we checked in we went straight to the nearby shopping centre Bikini Berlin for some food. Nothing spectacular, just a burrito place but it filler our bellies and that was what we needed. I’ll write more about that later. 

We then walked along to the Reichstag and Brandenburg Gate to stretch our legs after our travels. It was stunning! It was beautiful to see the sunset through the arches of the gate.

We continued our walk but all of a sudden a massive downpour appeared out of nowhere so we hopped on the underground back to the hotel. We chilled for a while and then headed out to a restaurant for dinner recommended from a friend. It was amazing! 

I think I’ll write about all the food places properly when I get back to Glasgow but I just wanted check in and update you on what we’ve been up to. 

This morning I went to the hotel gym for a workout. It was quite small and hot like a sauna but it was a gym so I got a little workout in before breakfast. I ended up staying for an hour and it felt so good. There weren’t many weights to use but there were dumbbells so I got a good upper body workout in with some rows, thrusters, push presses and bench presses. 

I was so excited for the hotel breakfast afterwards. I loooove a good hotel breakfast and this one did not disappoint! Jamie always makes fun of the fact that us Swedes are obsessed with hotel breakfasts and yes we probably are when I think about it. There’s something just so nice and cosy about it.

I wish there would’ve been some vegan options on the buffet but other than fruit there wasn’t much so I went for veggie options instead. 

The scrambled eggs were so good I had to get more and they had amazing dark rye breads. Yum! I always tend to take oven baked tomatoes but as I said to Jamie I don’t know why because I don’t really like them. This one even had some weird cheese on it that I ended up taking off 😛 It’s weird how you sowntimes take things just for the sake of it. I’ve learnt my lesson, no more oven baked tomatoes. Unless it’s cherry tomatoes…

They also served the most delicious pineapple I’ve had in I don’t even know how long too and a tiny piece of a waffle with some maple syrup may have been consumed too. When you’re on holiday 😉

Anyway, time to get walking. The sun is shining beautifully today and we can’t wait to see what else Berlin has to offer. Lots of sightseeing on the agenda!

Speak to you soon lovelies and have a great day xxx

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