Glasgow, Reebok has arrived

I’m in need of a new pair of white trainers and the Reebok once were very tempting! 

Everything you could need for Crossfit

I loved this orange top! Added to my wish list.

The men’s section

We jogged from the shop down to Crossfit Glasgow for our WOD. It was fun to visit their box.

Nanos at the ready for everyone to try.
Anticipation before the WOD

Kilo totally stole the show in his Reebok top!

Run through

Warm up time!

Almost time to get started

The final score

One sweaty but very happy Maddie

Hi guys! I had such a good day yesterday. It started off as I said at lululemon with some yoga. My body definitely needed some stretching after the past couple of days training. I’m feeling a little bit stiff to say the least. Scott was absolutely amazing as always and you can’t stop laughing at his funny comments. Hannah was there too, which made me so happy. Always love seeing that busy lady’s face and of course my lululemon girls.

After the class I met up with Emma, Kamila and Marija for a quick catch up before the event at Greaves Sports. We ended up at Gordon Street Coffee and it was a bit funny how we managed to meet up today because it also happens to be the one year anniversary of our dissertation submission. It’s absolutely mental how quickly the time has gone by and what has happened since. It feels so long ago now.

Then it was time to head over to Greaves Sports to check out their new Reebok section. I was really excited! I love new workout gear and I somehow find it easier to justify buying new workout gear instead of normal clothes these days. Anyone the same? So I love scouting out new things.

I didn’t actually realise before how big Greaves Sports is. Three massive floors! The guys were so welcoming. I signed in for the class and then got shown the new section on the upper floor. It looked great and there were some really nice pieces. A lot of kit for training but also studio, a great mix. I fell in love with a bright orange top and was really tempted by their footwear too. I’m a bit disappointed in my New Balances so might have to give Reebok a try.

It was then time to head down to Crossfit Glasgow for our WOD. Crossfitters and some people who had never tried Crossfit before were all gathered to train together. I loved how events like these bring people from all over the city together. I wish there would be events like these in Glasgow. There is such a great training community and I think amazing things could happen if everyone connected a bit more.

Before the WOD we all got to borrow a pair of the Nano 7s to try. I’m used to my Metcons so the Nanos felt a bit different, especially since new shoes take a while to break in. They felt really sturdy on my kettlebell swings, wall balls and box jumps but they could potentially be a little bit heavy to run in. It’s difficult to make my mind up on what I think when I’ve had my Nikes for so long. I am tempted to get a pair and give them a proper try sometime. I got a size 7 to test, which is my usual size but they did feel slightly big, I’d probably try a size smaller just see how they feel.

I thought I would show some of my pics from today. I was really excited to bring my camera along but it was tricky to take it with me down to Crossfit Glasgow for the workout so I ended up using my phone. The event crew had a photographer there during the entire workout and have said they will share their pictures with me so I can show you guys so I thought I would write more about the WOD then.

I’m so happy more training brands are coming to Glasgow! Welcome to the city Reebok and thank you for inviting me to such an awesome day.

To see more of what I was up to yesterday, check out my Instagram story over on my Instagram (here).

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