Low energy

Wouldn’t mind this view on a day like this. Beautiful Javea ❤

Hi my dears! Hope you’re having an amazing day. I’m feeling so tired. My body feels absolutely exhausted. It started yesterday before I headed to Stella’s for class and I wasn’t feeling super excited about training. I usually go anyway because once I’m there I’m so happy I’ve gone but yesterday everything felt like a struggle.

Today I feel worse. I started off with going to the doctors for my cervical screening, anyone who has done one know it’s not the most fun in the world but it’s so important. The nurse I had was so much better than the one I had last time so that made it all a lot easier and less uncomfortable.

I wasn’t sure this morning when I got up if I’d try and go to the gym at some point today but I’m really not feeling it all. That’s when I know it’s time to have a rest day.

Rest days are important because it gives your body time to recover and also being away from the gym for a bit can give you back your motivation. So here’s hoping I will feel better tomorrow. It’s okay to have days like these and if there is one thing you need to do is listen to your body.

Sorry if this wasn’t the most positive post. I really want this space to be a positive and motivating place to visit but I think it’s super important to be real with you guys and I have my days when I feel tired and unmotivated too. We’re all human. I know I’m going to get back on track as soon as my body feels better.

On a positive note, I managed to create a healthy vegan lasagne on Sunday (for those who don’t follow me on Instagram and saw my Instagram stories) that tasted just like a normal lasagne but better. Jamie and I couldn’t believe how good it was. Once I’ve tweaked a few things I’ll share it here with you guys so stay tuned. I really do love lasagne once in a while. Amazing comfort food served with a delicious fresh salad.

Have a lovely evening and we’ll speak tomorrow when I hopefully feel a bit more energised xx


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