Back on it

Photo: Ryan Edy

Hi loves! I’m feeling so much better today. Resting yesterday was definitely the right choice. This morning I met up with Faye for a tea and it was so good to hang out for a bit and hear what she’s been up to. She was in Milan last week and it sounded like she had an amazing time.

Today has been a busy one so I haven’t really had a chance to sit down and in front of my laptop properly until now and I have to leave again soon for a meeting.

This evening I’m heading to Stella’s. I’m feeling much more excited about training today. Happy to be looking forward to the gym tonight. I just wish I would’ve gotten a bit more sleep last night but that will be fixed with getting to bed a bit earlier today.

Anyway, I wanted to pop in here and say hi at least. I haven’t forgotten about you.

Speak soon x

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