Last PT session

Hello lovelies! I was meant to have my last PT session with Stella last Thursday but we postponed it to this week. So this morning it was time. It was a bit bittersweet because we’ve been doing our one-on-one sessions for so long now it’ll be weird not having them.

Looking back now at the progress I’ve made with Stella’s help is crazy. When we first started my upper body strength barely existed. I was so weak and found the 15kg bar heavy. I didn’t have much lifting technique either. All I wanted was to feel stronger for my posture and health. In yesterday’s class I cleaned and push jerked 45kg (new PB!!). I couldn’t even dream about that before. My snatches are also coming along, they’re difficult but I’ll get there. That’s all thanks to Stella’s coaching and the drills we’ve done to improve my technique and strength. Plus me working hard in the gym in between.

I can see muscle definition where I didn’t have anything before and I feel great!

I’m so thankful to have trained with Stella, she has so much experience and knows what she’s doing. I can’t recommend her enough if you are needing a helping hand with your training.

I’ll continue going to the classes at G5, they are absolutely amazing and every week I’m learning something new and being pushed to my very limit. I love how it challenges me and the limits I think I have. I’ve never loved training more than now when I’ve found something I really love to do and all the members there are just amazing. It’s like a family.

After PT I headed home to quickly have breakfast, shower and get changed before heading out again. I just got back from a really fun time at Tennent’s Training Academy and won’t say much more about what I got up to there because I’m writing a post about it. No I wasn’t drinking beer haha. It was cool to see bits of the brewery though. I forget how close it is to the city centre.


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