Filming with Voomfit

Hello lovelies! Happy Easter weekend! Are you off or working this fine long weekend? Hopefully the sun will be shining on us too soon. I haven’t really celebrated Easter for years but I’m looking forward to my friend Dalia from university coming this weekend to visit the rest of us who are left in Glasgow. She’s bringing a friend too which will be really fun.

Yesterday I was invited to the Tennent’s Training Academy with Voomfit. Tennent’s for those who don’t know is the beer of Glasgow and their brewery also hosts cooking courses so they have a massive kitchen, which is the Training Academy. Voomfit had rented the space for the day to do some filming which was super exciting.

So what is Voomfit I hear you ask! It is a new health and fitness platform for Glasgow where they’ll be gathering all gyms, PTs, yoga instructors, healthy recipes, activities and so much more in one place making it easier for anyone to find them. It sounds so cool and I was really excited to see all the food they were cooking to be shown on the website. They’re launching at the end of the month and I’ve seen a preview of the website and it’s looking great.

When I got there the camera was rolling, there was cooking going on everywhere and a massive table just covered with ingredients ready to be used. Cooking heaven essentially.

It was a fun little outing and I’m excited to see the end result when the website has launched. I may have some exciting things in stored together with Voomfit in the very near future,  so stay tuned!

Have a great day and speak soon xx


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