Sharing what I love

Oh the days I used to care of what I looked like in the gym and felt self conscious. Now I really couldn’t care less. I’m there to sweat and train. Yesterday I showed up with coconut oil in my hair thrown up in a crazy bun 😛

Hi my dears! Yesterday morning I met up with my wonderful friend Marija at the gym. Marija is a passionate runner and does a lot of training in her little home gym but has now got a gym membership at Glasgow Uni so now we can be gym buddies!

She asked me to help her with her lifting and I was so happy to. I love sharing what I love and I’ve noticed I get so excited training with others and helping them. I’m by no means an expert but I’ve learnt a lot in my last year of training and if I can help anyone walk a bit more confidently towards the squat racks in the gym I’m so happy.

I was once there, scared and intimidated. I had no idea what I was doing and I know what a difference it makes to have somewhere there to help and support. I love encouraging and cheering people on. Marija just needed a few pointers and then she was smashing out the reps.

Lifting weights has changed my life and I would love for more women to know how to lift. You don’t get bulky from lifting ladies! I don’t know how many times I’ve heard of that worry and I’ve been lifting properly for almost a year and I’m yet to see any bulk. I just see more muscle definition and notice how strong I’ve gotten. It’s incredibly empowering feeling strong and fit. So get in there ladies and get strong. It’s an incredible feeling xx

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