Purple sweet potato

So great being back at Fly

How amazing is this colour?!

Happy sunny Monday! It’s still Baltic outside but I guess we can’t have everything ūüėČ Earlier today I met up with Rachel, Kate and Nicola at Fly Functional Fitness for their lunch time HIIT class. 30 minutes of hard work. Looks alright at first glance, tough once you get working on the different stations.

The amazing Lorna who was coaching¬†the class definitely planned a workout to raise our pulses. We did four rounds of jumping pull ups, rowing, burpees, box jumps and ropes. 45 seconds at each station. By the fourth round I could definitely feel my¬†arms getting tired. I was paired up with Rachel and it was so much fun. I love that lady’s energy!

After the workout I was ready for some lunch!¬†I try to have food prepped as much as I can so when I come home after a workout or from work I don’t have to stand cooking for ages. It’s the worst! So this morning I had roasted¬†PURPLE sweet potato and steamed broccoli. Yes I said purple sweet potato. I’ve been seeing purple sweet potatoes everywhere recently online and when I saw them¬†in Root & Fruits the other day I just had to try it out.¬†I came home super excited with my find, being the sweet potato addict I am. I asked Jamie if it was a bit weird that I was so excited about trying a different kind of sweet potato. He said yes but nothing surprises him anymore haha. In my defence, I just¬†truly appreciate the small things in life sometimes, like a different kind of potato.

It was quite weird eating something so vibrantly purple I’ve got to say. I’m not used to something edible naturally being that colour. It did taste differently from the standard orange and had a slightly different texture. It was super good though and it was fun to mix it up a bit. I had it with some leftover curry, thyme vinegary mushrooms, tomatoes, spinach, tomatoes, red pepper, cucumber and hummus. Yum!

This evening I’m doing something super exciting with Jamie and some friends. I’ll tell you more about it tomorrow! I think it’ll be a really good time. Speak soon lovelies xx


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