Our first attempt at WOD 1 FVTD

Setting up for WOD 1!

Hi babes! So yesterday Lindsey and I met up at the gym in the evening to give this first WOD of Forth Valley Throwdown a go. We’d heard other teams saying it was a tough one, so we were a bit nervous to say the least.

We wanted to do this trial run to see where we were wasting time and could be more efficient to give it our best go when Stella judges us on Sunday. I always find after the workouts we do at the gym  in class I reflect over how I could have done them better and more efficiently. We first wrote down our trial strategy with the amount of reps we were going to do at a time, which we then would edit after our attempt.

It went way better then we thought it would! In the end we were super happy with our score despite us messing up a bit in the middle 😛 None of us felt absolutely dead and that’s with us both having trained in the morning too, which means we can push ourselves a lot harder on Sunday.

We’re now so determined to beat our score. I know we can do it and both of us feel so much more confident after we’d finished. It’s funny how we build things up in our minds before we even know what it’s going to be like, maybe that’s why we thought it felt alright because we were preparing for something way worse haha. I can’t wait to see how it goes on Sunday. I’ll of course keep you posted.

I’ve created a new category for the competition as I’m hoping maybe my journey could help someone else. I never thought I would sign up for something like this when I first started at G5 but seeing so many incredible people around me signing up inspired me to take the leap too.

I’m still terrified but you need to challenge yourself in life and after the first round tonight I can say I’m so happy I signed up. I would have regretted it loads if would’ve let my fear of failure or my inexperience to stand in the way of me even trying. Just signing up for this is a huge step in comparison to last year when I was thinking no way, I’ll never do anything like that. We might not even qualify but I’m happy we’re trying.

All of this also shows how when you surround yourself with great people who encourage you, you can achieve and do things you never thought you would. Gym G5 is such a supportive place and everyone cheer each other on. i would definitely recommend finding a place to train where you feel people lift each other up and support one another, a gym with a community. It has taken my training to a whole new level. I love everyone there and feel so blessed to find a place where I feel so at home.

Speak soon lovelies xx

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