Ten things you didn’t know about me

Photo:Phil Gorry

Hi babes! I think these tags are really fun to read on other blogs so I thought it was about time to do one myself! Hopefully you guys will like it. Let me know what you think of it and if I should do more. So here are ten things I don’t think you know about me.

1.  I’m really paranoid that my alarm won’t go off in the morning so I’ll always check at least three times that it’s set (opening and closing my app on my phone). Then I always set two alarms five minutes apart in case for some reason the first one doesn’t go off. I once switched my alarm off in my sleep and since then I’m scarred for life 😛

2. Speaking of paranoia, when I’m home alone I need to check the door is locked at least twice. This also quite often includes me actually going to bed, switching the lights off, getting unsure whether I locked the door or not so I then force myself to get out of bed to go and check if I  locked the door. It’s never been unlocked.

3. In September I’ve lived abroad for eleven years of my life. Other than living in Glasgow I’ve in Japan and Singapore. I love living abroad, discovering new places and cultures. Don’t think I’ll be moving back to Sweden anytime soon.

4. I have a South Korean grandmother. Her and my Swedish/Danish grandfather met during the Korean war whilst working for the Red Cross. So yes I’m a mix of Swedish, South Korean and Danish. I get a lot of people inspecting my face closely for any Asian features as soon as they this find out. I find it very awkward.

5. I’m really scared of birds. Yes, I get a lot of weird reactions from this too. They are just not very pleasant animals. It’s really embarrassing when they fly towards me and I jump a metre up into the air and shriek. I can’t help it!

6. I’ve moved home 12 times in my life. Haha it’s a lot but I’m so used to moving by now that I actually love getting settled into a new country, city, or neighbourhood. Not so much the actual moving bit but once the packing and unpacking is done, getting to create a new home is like a fresh start.

7. I have to have a mouth thing (don’t know what to call it really) in my mouth when I sleep. This is because I grind my teeth so badly it apparently sounds like shrieking mice (I’ve been told about this through friends sleeping over when I was younger). I was so paranoid about this when I had boyfriends sleeping over when I was younger and especially with Jamie (thought he was so good looking and amazing and I felt so unattractive with it haha). He really couldn’t have cared less and now I don’t think about it anymore. Now I’m more worried about my teeth getting ruined if I forget it when I’m away.

8. I’m terrified of what happens after we die. I actually can’t even think about it without feeling anxious. I can’t ever imagine this will all one day be over, this life I live will one day disappear. I hate thinking I won’t have all my loved ones around me anymore. I do believe (hope for) in life after death but I need proof people! I can’t write more about this anymore because I’m getting scared just bringing this up now.

9. I want to study Spanish because I think Jamie and I will one day live in Barcelona. Not anytime in the near future but once we want to settle down when we get older I think it would be perfect for us (Jamie too, yes he does get a say in this 😛 ). It’s ironic how my entire time at school I studied French and now I want to move to Spain one day.

10. I don’t really like to sleep. I’ve come to the realisation only recently that I don’t understand people who love to sleep loads. Jamie is one of them, he could sleep all day if he didn’t set an alarm and he loves sleeping. I only sleep because I have to and I know I need about eight hours sleep to function. This is why I always set my alarm so I don’t sleep anymore than eight hours.

Now you know a bit more about me and the weird things I’ve got going on. Please tell me that I’m not the only one who does weird things like some of the stuff I mentioned above!


M xx

What I did for my health goals my first week at work

Hi my dears! Like I mentioned the other day I was going to share how I stayed on top of things in terms of staying on track with my health journey whilst working. Despite that I felt very busy I still had time to go to the gym as much as I wanted to and didn’t have to stress with cooking food. So I really felt like I was off to a great start!

I know a lot of people struggle with puzzling everything together work, seeing friends, training, cooking healthy meals. It can be really tough but I hope with sharing how my week went I can show you that it is possible. It’s just takes some planning.


On Sunday before I started my job a took a couple of hours in the evening to prep some of my food for the week. I made a veggie chilli and roasted vegetables to have in my salads. I wasn’t sure there would be a microwave at the office so I thought better be safe and make a salad to take with me. Eating cold chilli is not that nice, let’s be honest. When I make salads they have to be hearty with loads of things in, otherwise it doesn’t fill me up. So I roasted loads of different veggies (I like eating them cold, roasting them brings out the flavour) and then mixed the roasted veggies with spinach, some fresh veggies, hummus, seeds and quinoa.

I struggle at times to figure out how much to bring but you figure it out after a while when you’ve brought food to work for a while. I always pack snacks just in case I pack too little. Being hungry is not fun. Lucky thing I brought a salad my first because we actually didn’t have a microwave until today so now we can bring warm food too. I love warm food mainly so I’m thrilled! I never microwave my food at home but sometimes you just have to work with what you’ve got. Once  last week we went out for lunch with the entire team to Kcal Kitchen as well so there it was easy to choose something nourishing.

My afternoon snack has mainly been chia pudding. My favourite one is this one here. I do prefer the chia pudding with coconut milk. I mainly make it with the Rude Health’s one. One day I brought in Kallo’s buckwheat cakes with peanut butter and banana. A bit more fidgety as you have to make them in the office.

The key really is to make big batches of things. I’m not really fussed eating the same thing a couple of days in a row if it’s tasty so that makes it a lot easier too. After the gym for dinner I would just eat chilli, which saved me having to cook when I’m starving. Another thing I tend to do when I do cook dinner is to always make sure I get leftovers. You never know when they come in handy.


Despite working 9-5, sometimes a little bit longer, I managed to train 7 times last week whilst still having time to spend time with Jamie and seeing friends. One thing I started doing was going to the 6am classes at G5 . That way my workout was out of the day and it left my evenings free. On days I didn’t have anything planned in the evening I went straight to the gym after work (that’s where the dinner I prepped during the weekend got very handy).

You need to just be flexible with when you go and hold yourself accountable, make sure you actually go. Even if you’re feeling tired, just go for a little bit. Usually over half the battle is just getting to the gym. Once you’re there you’re fine! There was one day last week I mentioned to you guys when I just couldn’t be bothered and I did end up leaving the gym earlier than planned but at least I tried 😛 That happens too! And, of course life gets in the way sometimes so if  you can’t make a session you’ve planned in, don’t beat yourself up about it.

So that’s how it went down my first week of work, we’ll see how it goes as the weeks go on but I really hope I’ll be able to go as much as I want. It just takes a bit of puzzling to get it together.

Speaking of the gym, it’s soon time for me to head over for my workout. I hope this post was helpful to some of you!


M xx


First BBQ of the year

How cute is little Opie?

BBQ time!

Maddie the barbecue master 😉

Hi lovelies! I was meant to get a blog post up earlier today but I just had to get myself sorted before heading into the office this morning so didn’t have time to properly write a post. Sorry about that!

I had a very busy but fun last day of my weekend. Sunday ended up being quite a nice day weather wise with the sun peaking out. In the morning I went to the gym and did some deadlifts, front squats and cleans as well as push ups and TRX core stuff. A fun mix of whatever I felt like. I can actually do a couple of push ups properly now. I couldn’t believe it when it happened recently. I’ve been practicing them so much so I was thrilled when I finally saw the hard work pay off! Straight afterwards I headed over towards Partick to have brunch with Faye because I really wanted to try out the new organic restaurant Down to Earth Organic.

I’ve been very excited for them to open and the pictures on their Facebook look amazing. I’m not going to say much about my experience but I will say that it was disappointing. Oh well sometimes it happens but I’m hoping they’ll turn it around, I would love for it to be good.

Anyway, it was great seeing Faye and hearing what she’s been up to. She was dogsitting little Opie and of course this made me super happy, dog obsessed as I am. He was so little and cosy to have on your lap so I sat petting him for ages.

Afterwards I ran home to get showered and then headed out the door to see my sister Ellie and her boyfriend Hampus. We wandered about in town and eventually got some nibbles to sit down and have in Glasgow Green. I went into Picnic to get a raw dessert because I really felt like having something sweet. We sat there for ages in the nice weather and eventually decided to have a barbecue all of us when Jamie got off work.

So in the evening we met up at Hampus’s flat and had a fun evening of barbecuing. The first of the year and it was delicious. We didn’t have time to prepare anything veggie so we ended up having some salmon skewers, halloumi, mushrooms and a salad. It was amazing! Next time I would love to make some veggie burgers or something. Think that would be delicious to barbecue.

We got home quite late and I was booked in for a session at G5 in the morning today but I decided to cancel it to get a good night’s sleep to start my week off nice and refreshed. Unfortunately that meant no gym today because it’s a bank holiday and nothing is open this evening but oh well. I’m going to train pretty much everyday for the rest of the week so I’m not feeling bad about it at all. It’s more that it feels strange not going haha.

I’m just waiting now for Jamie to get home and we’re going to cook dinner together and watch My Kitchen Rules. Can’t wait!!

Speak soon my dears xxx

Sweaty Hugs x CycleBox Event

It’s incredible how much this wall of CycleBox member gloves has grown since they first opened up last year.
   After a breather outside post-spin it was on to the boxing rounds
Yup, that’s a massive sweat mark on my top. I was dripping!

I need to get this at some point! I have a small pile of books to read right now but it’s on my list.

I couldn’t agree with this quote on the back of the book more! ❤

What a team! Everyone absolutely smashed it.

Hi babes! Yesterday was such an amazing day, I started off with yoga at lululemon led by Philippa, absolutely love her classes. She’s soon opening up her own studio with her partner and I can’t wait!

In the afternoon it was time for a super exciting event at CycleBox. One thing I love about hopping around to so many incredible gyms and studios around Glasgow is that you become a part of a family in each place. Every time you go back they welcome you back with open arms. It makes you want to go back for another session again even more to see everyone.

The CycleBox squad are exactly like that, even though I haven’t been able to make it for months it felt as though I had last been there yesterday. It was amazing to walk through the doors of their stunning studio in Ruthven Lane and immediately have coach Mandy welcome me back with a big hug. Love her and her contagious amazing energy!

The event that was on yesterday was together with Sweaty Hugs. Sweaty Hugs is a book written by Glaswegian Kathleen Anderson and is all about how free fitness classes are changing the lives of people. She spoke at the end of the class and I couldn’t agree more with what she said. It has definitely changed mine and through fitness I’ve find friends for life. If you’re interested in the book or what it’s about in more detail check it out here.

I knew as soon as I left the flat that this class would be sweaty. It is so muggy today and I was warm from just walking to the studio, and boy was I right! I haven’t been that sweaty since I did bikram yoga years ago. I love getting a good sweat on, I feel so refreshed (it might sound a bit weird I know haha).

It was incredible and so inspiring seeing everyone in there absolutely smashing it on the bike. Some of the girls go to two classes a day sometimes and they are MACHINES on the bike. I can’t keep up with their speed. It ‘s like someone all of a sudden pressed fast forward. Inspiration and motivation right there.

I’m not sure I’ve mentioned this before but I didn’t use to be a spin fan until I found this place. I don’t know what the coaches do to you in there but somehow the time on the bike just passes by in no time (even though they make you work incredibly during that, it’s no cycle in the park 😉 ). It’s like they put you under a spell, the CycleBox spell.

After we got off the bikes we went outside and did some rounds of jump squats, push ups and high knees before heading back into the studio for the boxing rounds (my favourite part). Boxing is something I love and miss in my current training. I know a few of you know I used to train Muay Thai at university and loved it. So this part was amazing!

I can’t get enough of this place. They just got it right and you want to come back for more. A tough class like this is a great way to just shut out the world and anything you’re going through for the next hour. The only thing you can focus on is getting through the next round on the bike, haha.

Thanks CycleBox and Sweaty Hugs for an amazing event! I loved every minute of it and don’t worry I’ll get my ass back to class very soon coach Mandy 😉 x