Doesn’t Jamie look like a bit like a secrete agent in this photo? 😛

Lunch at The Niche

His and hers lunch haha

Walking towards Irvine beach
Isle of Arran in the background

Absolutely stunning 
The dragon of Irvine

Jamie has finally got a new phone and is getting back on his Instagram game. He’s called @whiskymoran if you want to give him a follow.
View from the dragon

Love him so much

Wearing my rucksack with all my gym gear in case I had to go straight to G5 once we were back in Glasgow. If that’s not dedication I don’t know what is!

Stunning colourful houses

Hi lovelies! How are you today? Like I mentioned in m previous post, Jamie and I headed further east to Irvine and the Scottish coast yesterday. I haven’t been to any part of Ayrshire other than to Prestwick Airport during my over 4.5 years here, a bit ridiculous I know! It was so great to get out of the city.

When we arrived we were starving so went to a place called The Niche for some food. Super friendly staff and they also had outdoor seating, which was a massive bonus on this sunny day. We were sweating sitting there. It’s such a great feeling of the sun on your skin. I love it. Jamie had a burger and I ordered their falafel and red pepper salad. Silly me didn’t think to ask whether the falafel was deep fried and it was, so perhaps not as healthy as I thought it would be but oh well, next time I’ll just have to ask. It was still good but I’m not a massive fan of greasy food. You live you learn!

After lunch we walked over to Irvine beach. It was breathtaking and there were people having a beach day and sunbathing. This really shouldn’t surprise me by now. I know Scottish people take full advantage of any sunny day so people on the beach sunbathing at this time of year isn’t really out of the ordinary haha. It was pretty windy though so hats of to them for their enthusiasm and dedication.

I loved how quiet it was. It felt so free walking there on the sand talking with Jamie and enjoying the calm. It recharges me and gives me so much energy. We couldn’t stop taking photos either, everywhere you looked was beautiful. I could’ve continued walking along the beach until the next town along (which you can apparently, I might have to try that sometime) but eventually we turned back.

We were back in Glasgow just after five so it really didn’t take long to get there and back. A great day trip! I even had time to go home and get changed for the gym instead of going straight there, which I thought I might have to. I was carrying my gym gear all day just in case.

I wasn’t sure in the end whether I would be able to go, I made the stupid mistake of not drinking enough water all day and felt very nauseous but after rehydrating myself and letting some time go by I felt loads better and decided to go anywhere. Boy was it sweaty workout! I’m so glad I went but I could tell that I hadn’t eaten as much as I usually do during the day, I was lacking in energy. Another silly mistake but again, sometimes that happens. I made sure to eat loads for dinner when I got back home! We’re all human and make mistakes 🙂 Luckily they don’t happen too often these mistakes I made.

I’m not sharing these thoughts because I’m feeling negative but more to show that no one is perfect and whilst it’s super easy to show a picture perfect life online I want to say nope, after years of knowing I should drink plenty of water especially on a sunny day and I should eat properly before training, sometimes I forget and I don’t do it.

Anyway, I had such an incredible day with my man and can’t wait to go on another day adventure with him again soon.

Now it’s time for me to get my things together and head out into the sunny weather as soon as I can. After a cloudy start to the day the sun has decided to pay us another visit and I’m not staying inside any longer.

Speak soon beautiful people xxx

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