Sunny Sunday

Clean practice in the sun, what more could you ask for?

All this sun has given my face a bit of colour! I always feel so much fresher once I have a slight tan.

Hi lovelies! Sorry my posts have been coming up a bit later recently. When you live Glasgow you really need to make the most of a sunny day. I definitely feel like I did today. This morning I went to open gym at G5 with Lindsey and practiced cleans for our second qualifying workout. I got a new PB of 50kg, which felt amazing! We had the shutters up so we could train in the sun. What a feeling, the sun, the gym and amazing people, what more could you possibly need?

The rest of the day hasn’t been too eventful. I went to the park and spent the entire afternoon there just reading and I even fell asleep at one point and got woken up by a call from Jamie who was on his way to join me and wasn’t sure where in the park I was. I love a day outside and in Kelvingrove Park it almost feel like you’re not in the middle of the city. There are so many spots to hide away from the massive crowds. It was so warm that I was sitting in shorts and my bikini top for a couple of hours. Crazy!

Jamie has been working on some cocktail stuff this evening for a competition he’s doing down in London next week. Now he’s on his way home with stuff to cook dinner, we’re making Thai curry, yum! Thai food is definitely one of my favourite cuisines. Can’t get ever enough! I love all Asian food pretty much though haha. One thing I do miss once in a while is the Thai takeout back home in Sweden. There Thai food is like the Indian takeout here in the UK. It’s everywhere and tastes amazing. I’ve found Thai food here isn’t as good, the only place in Glasgow I really like is Tiki Bar and Kitsch Inn where Jamie used to work. It’s delicious!

Have a lovely evening and speak soon my dears xxx

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