Hi babes! Sorry I feel like all I write about recently is the sun but it was here again today! Yes it’s so rare here in Scotland that we are just mesmerised by it. I started off with a facial at Origins in town. It felt great to have someone take care of my skin.

My sister Ellie happened to have just finished an exam when I was done with my facial so we met up and had lunch outside. I haven’t seen her for months, she’s been super busy going to Nice and now studying for exams. It’s crazy that we live in the same city but haven’t seen each other for so long. I’ve really missed her and once she’s finished her final exam we’ve said we’re going to make an effort to see each other more before she’s away for the summer. We have to make the most of the fact that we live in the same city, next year she’s away to France for a year abroad. It’s so easy to take things like living close to each other for granted but at this day and age you just can’t. You never know what life throws at you!

We bought some yummy salads from Martha’s and sat in Royal Exchange Square for ages just chatting and catching up. My sisters are both so incredible and I’m so lucky to have Ellie here. I wish Sarah lived closer too. After lunch we walked down to the river and then over to Glasgow Green. I can’t get over how beautiful this city is in the sun.

Now it’s soon time to get ready to head over to G5 for class! Wonder what we’ll get up to this evening. We shall see very soon. Have a great evening lovelies xxx

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