Block run with a 5kg vest on, sweaty!

Hi!  So today was the day, it was time to wrap up the second Forth Valley Throwdown WOD.

We were really happy with our last time we got but thought we would give it another go and change up our strategy. We split the reps up so we did fewer at a time so you got small sections of rest in between. We had no idea how this was going to go when we started but it worked in our favour! We reduced our time by 1.5 minutes and we were over the moon. Those final 50kg cleans were a killer but I got through them and Lindsey smashed it on the burpees. What a team! Now we just need to submit our score and then wait until tomorrow for the last WOD of the qualifier to be released.

After finishing our WOD Kirsty said she wanted to do a block run and asked if I wanted to join, I said yes. What I apparently missed was that she wanted to try out the 5kg vests Stella brought in yesterday, whoops. I didn’t let it intimidate me though, I’m always up for trying new stuff so on it went. You felt a bit like Lara Croft in it or some kind of agent 😛 It felt a bit weird and the run definitely felt more strenuous. It was fun to try out!

For the rest of the day I’m getting some work done and tonight I’m of course watching the second Eurovision semi final. Us Swedes love Eurovision, yes a lot of the songs are bad but it’s just part of its charm, it wouldn’t be the same otherwise. On Saturday Kajsa is coming over to watch the final. We’ve been planning food and snacks, this is serious business. Of course we’re cheering for Sweden because we have to but I thought Moldova’s song was quite catchy with the saxophone (for being a Eurovision song).

I know, you’re probably laughing at us but it’s such a good event and good excuse for a chilled evening with delicious food. Anyway, we’ll speak soon my dears.

M xx

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