Food from Babu Bombay Street Kitchen

Prize ceremony for IMF Open
This crew ❤

Kat was there with her wonderful oils
Celebratory dinner at Number 16, our favourite restaurant in Glasgow
Love that Jamie has started taking photos of his food too haha

Loved my mini teapot

Could not resist ordering the chocolate peanut butter fondant! It was ridiculously good.

Hi lovelies! It got so busy yesterday that I didn’t get a chance to write a post and I’m so sorry. Hope you had a beautiful day. I just wanted to share what we got up to on Friday evening.

It was such an amazing time. We’ve just finished our gym’s open, the IMF Open and of course needed to celebrate so Stella had arranged for Babu Bombay Street Kitchen to set up their food van just outside the gym. Jamie came with me, he was off on a Friday for once (never happens) and I thought it was about time he got to see where I spend a lot of my time.

During the evening there was food, drinks, prize ceremony, speeches and my amazing friend Kat had even brought her Yogi Oils down. Her stuff just smells absolutely incredible and I got to try out her new lip balm. It’s amazing! I can’t stop using it.

After the awards ceremony Jamie and I were booked in for a celebratory dinner at our favourite restaurant in Glasgow, Number 16. Whenever we want to have a delicious meal for a special occasion this is where we go. The staff is always so friendly and we’ve never ever been disappointed by the food, it’s always out of this world. We were celebrating my good news I received the other day (I’ll share it with you in the near future). I had my first glass of any form of alcohol this year, Prosecco for this fine occasion. Jamie laughed at me because I had like a third of the glass and couldn’t handle anymore. I remember the days I used to drink an entire bottle of wine at a flat party. Those days are long gone! I’m happy they are haha.

The food we had was just incredible, I had squid to start with roasted red pepper, then an artichoke and walnut ravioli with a cauliflower purée (it was delicious but very rich after a while) and I couldn’t resist when I read chocolate and peanut butter fondant on the menu. It was as good as it sounds. I got such a major food coma afterwards and it felt like my stomach was about to explode but it was all worth it 😛

It was such a fun evening with my man and all the incredible people at G5 ❤

After a downpour of rain yesterday the sun is back so I’m heading out now! Speak soon my dears xx

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