Morning walks by the beach

The little dog in the background ran up to me and wanted lots of pets and love. Her name was Rosie and was so cute. Apparently she was found on the streets in London.

Hi lovelies! I’m back in Glasgow after a very eventful weekend. Funerals are never easy but as I mentioned, events like these can bring people closer together and I really feel this is what happened. Jamie’s mum’s side of the family were absolutely lovely and it’s been wonderful getting to know them better.

The morning of the funeral we had some time to spare and the sun was shining so I decided to go for a morning walk along the beach front of Bognor Regis where we were staying. The view there from the beach front is just as beautiful as I remember it from the last time Jamie and I were down there. The water was almost as turquoise as down in Nice!

When you walk further along you get to these amazingly colourful sheds. I love colourful houses so this brightened up my walk even more. I had to of course go down to the water before I headed back and feel  the temperature of it. It wasn’t actually as cold as I thought it would be!

Places like these really make me want to go on morning walks, the views are just amazing. Walking has pretty much been the only exercise I’ve done these past couple of days, which is fine but I’m ready to get back to the gym and eating home cooked food. We’ve been eating out a lot and I’ve had a couple of cakes and desserts here and there hehe. All very delicious but it gets tiring very quickly. I much prefer having it once in a while but I’m so happy we got to experience such amazing food whilst we were away and don’t regret anything.

I’ve got loads more to share from our trip and will post more about it soon! It’s time for me to get to bed, I’m exhausted from a very hectic couple of days and really want to read for a bit before I got to sleep. I have a big day tomorrow so really want to feel rested.

Sleep well my dears! xxx

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