Cafe Paradiso // 45 North Street // Chichester

Hi lovelies! During our day in Chichester Jamie’s mum really wanted to take is to a vegetarian café she found by chance during one of her many trips there, Cafe Paradiso. It was super busy when we arrived, which was amazing. There was a large variety of things to choose from more indulgent things like veggie lasagne, risotto stuffed red peppers and pizza to a salad bar.

I went for the hummus and olive salad (as soon as I read hummus I knew this was the dish for me), you basically got a bit of all the salads on offer (I chose all of them a part from the coleslaw and potato salad). We sat down in their back garden, it felt a bit hidden away surrounded by buildings and was super cosy in the sun.

The salad was really tasty and fresh. Lots of flavours going on, which I really loved. It got served with a pita which I feel was just store bought so nothing very exciting so I stuck to my salad. I feel like you didn’t really need any bread with it.

This place is really lovely and has something for everyone, whether you’re looking for something more hearty or something light and fresh. A great place for both meat eaters and veggies.

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