It’s warm!

Kilo has a good life, just lying in the sun

Hi my dears ❤ It’s like Scotland has all of sudden moved closer to the equator. It is so warm and I love it! Yesterday I made the mistake of leaving the house in jeans. What a bad move haha. I was dying during the day, it was so sweaty. Very charming I know! We also slept with the window open for the first time this year.

I can’t wait to get out into the sun later on. It’s already getting worse tomorrow again if the weather forecast is accurate so I dare not say that summer is here quite yet but at least we’ve had two days of it. I had a major dilemma yesterday evening whether to go out and enjoy the sun or go to the gym. I ended up with a compromise and decided to go to the gym for a little bit and then go enjoy the sun. I was not feeling it at all when I got to the gym. I did some rowing and some deadlifts and that was about it.

My body felt tired and I felt so unmotivated. Times like these I just think it’s better to leave it and get back on it another day. It’s okay to feel that way. So this morning I went to Stella’s morning class and felt so much better. Now I’m ready for another day. It’s Stella’s 44th birthday today so everything we did was 44 reps (split by two people). The class was really tough but it felt amazing once you were done with the rounds.

Time for me to get going. I’ll speak to you soon xxx

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