Do what you love and good things will come

 Hi lovelies! You know that good news I was celebrating recently at Number 16? I’m really happy to share that I FINALLY have a job!! After months of searching and nearly loosing hope several times, it was incredibly tough, the job just appeared one day. Actually through writing about what I love here on the blog.

I’m now working at a company called voomfit. It’s a new health, fitness, wellbeing and lifestyle platform for Glasgow. I mentioned them a while a go when I was with them behind the scenes when they were filming for their website (post here). They originally were in touch with me and asked if I wanted to contribute with some posts for their site, which I said hell yes to. I really think their platform is such a good idea and I really believe in it. It should be easy to find ways to be healthy and I think making it easier to find gyms, PTs, yoga studios or whatever else to get healthy and fit could encourage more people to do it. I think voomfit can really help with this.

A week or so after filming the guys at voomfit got in touch with me saying there was a full time position on the team coming up for content, blogging and much more exciting stuff. It sounded like the dream and the job I’d so long been searching for. I couldn’t believe me sitting here everyday speaking to you guys, trying to help and motivate actually led me to a job. A proper full time job with something I’m so passionate about.

I interviewed for the role and a week later I found out I got it. I sat in the park in the sun when email popped up on my screen. My heart stopped and I had to read the email at least three times before I realised I had gotten the job. I got tears in my eyes and called Jamie. I still couldn’t believe it when I spoke to him, or my sister or my parents. It felt too good to be true.

This just shows and proves something I’ve always believed in, if you do what you love good things will come. It’s because you are willing to go that extra mile, you are willing to dedicate your heart and soul towards it. This is what health, fitness and wellbeing is to me. It’s my passion, it’s what I want to share with the world and I want more people to move their bodies and take care of them to live their lives to the fullest.

I want people to see that there can be joy in working out and it can be delicious eating nourishing meals. That getting up an hour earlier to squeeze in a workout or yoga session can make you feel amazing. I want people to understand that there is no one way of being active that suits everyone and not everyone needs to enjoy the same things when it comes to exercise. The same way not everyone like the same films, food or music.

I hope me sharing this can inspire you to work with your passion. Put yourself out there. I did with this blog, it’s absolutely terrifying opening up here, where everyone can read what you write but at the same time I love it. Even if this blog can help one person on their path to a healthier life that would be mean the world to me.

So this week has actually been my first week as an employed person since I left lululemon (hence the very early blog updates at times and early workouts squeezed in before heading to the office). I’ve had a great time getting to know the team and there’s so much happening since it’s a start-up. So much to do and learn. It’s been amazing but I’m now exhausted haha. I’m not used to being this busy but I really felt like the week went smoothly with training and my meals and everything so I’ll write a post about how I stayed on top of things during my first week as a working person. Don’t get me wrong, I love being busy.

I couldn’t be happier at the moment and I can’t wait to continue working within the health and fitness community in Glasgow. We’ve got such incredible community here and I love all the people I’ve met and I’m so happy I still get to be part of it through work and also here through my blog. Don’t worry, the blog is my baby and my aim is still to update it everyday!

Have an amazing day!

Love, M xx


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