Sweaty Hugs x CycleBox Event

It’s incredible how much this wall of CycleBox member gloves has grown since they first opened up last year.
   After a breather outside post-spin it was on to the boxing rounds
Yup, that’s a massive sweat mark on my top. I was dripping!

I need to get this at some point! I have a small pile of books to read right now but it’s on my list.

I couldn’t agree with this quote on the back of the book more! ❤

What a team! Everyone absolutely smashed it.

Hi babes! Yesterday was such an amazing day, I started off with yoga at lululemon led by Philippa, absolutely love her classes. She’s soon opening up her own studio with her partner and I can’t wait!

In the afternoon it was time for a super exciting event at CycleBox. One thing I love about hopping around to so many incredible gyms and studios around Glasgow is that you become a part of a family in each place. Every time you go back they welcome you back with open arms. It makes you want to go back for another session again even more to see everyone.

The CycleBox squad are exactly like that, even though I haven’t been able to make it for months it felt as though I had last been there yesterday. It was amazing to walk through the doors of their stunning studio in Ruthven Lane and immediately have coach Mandy welcome me back with a big hug. Love her and her contagious amazing energy!

The event that was on yesterday was together with Sweaty Hugs. Sweaty Hugs is a book written by Glaswegian Kathleen Anderson and is all about how free fitness classes are changing the lives of people. She spoke at the end of the class and I couldn’t agree more with what she said. It has definitely changed mine and through fitness I’ve find friends for life. If you’re interested in the book or what it’s about in more detail check it out here.

I knew as soon as I left the flat that this class would be sweaty. It is so muggy today and I was warm from just walking to the studio, and boy was I right! I haven’t been that sweaty since I did bikram yoga years ago. I love getting a good sweat on, I feel so refreshed (it might sound a bit weird I know haha).

It was incredible and so inspiring seeing everyone in there absolutely smashing it on the bike. Some of the girls go to two classes a day sometimes and they are MACHINES on the bike. I can’t keep up with their speed. It ‘s like someone all of a sudden pressed fast forward. Inspiration and motivation right there.

I’m not sure I’ve mentioned this before but I didn’t use to be a spin fan until I found this place. I don’t know what the coaches do to you in there but somehow the time on the bike just passes by in no time (even though they make you work incredibly during that, it’s no cycle in the park 😉 ). It’s like they put you under a spell, the CycleBox spell.

After we got off the bikes we went outside and did some rounds of jump squats, push ups and high knees before heading back into the studio for the boxing rounds (my favourite part). Boxing is something I love and miss in my current training. I know a few of you know I used to train Muay Thai at university and loved it. So this part was amazing!

I can’t get enough of this place. They just got it right and you want to come back for more. A tough class like this is a great way to just shut out the world and anything you’re going through for the next hour. The only thing you can focus on is getting through the next round on the bike, haha.

Thanks CycleBox and Sweaty Hugs for an amazing event! I loved every minute of it and don’t worry I’ll get my ass back to class very soon coach Mandy 😉 x

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