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Trying out Babs

Jamie went for chicken souvlaki, I went for the tofu bab and then we ordered hummus and babaganoush…

… and the big greek salad

He just refuses to behave when I take photos haha

Forever in gym clothes, Jamie and I couldn’t dress more different for our jobs haha. Opposites attract!

Jamie and I seriously hadn’t seen each other properly since Monday so yesterday we had decided to meet up for lunch. It’s handy that I work in town and can just pop out of the office. We have been seeing loads of stuff written about Babs, Bread Meats Bread’s latest venture where they do kebabs properly, according to their slogan.

Being the foodies we are, we wanted to go and try it out. Not quite Midsummer food but hopefully nice and tasty food haha. The place is really nice on the inside! Every single detail was thought out. I was first a bit hesitant to try Babs but after seeing their massive salad section as well as a veggie section plus all the dips (you all know hummus is my life) I was sold. It definitely looked like a menu I could like and something that was somewhat healthy too.

My tofu bab was tasty but I thought there would be more vegetables on the skewers. It was just potato and tofu on it which was a bit disappointing so for next time I’ll definitely ask for the more veggies if I order it again. It was still tasty though. It was also served on a wrap which I didn’t really feel I needed but nibbled on it a little bit. Jamie absolutely loved his dish and the greek salad was also really good. There is even a vegan greek salad on the menu with vegan feta but we went for the normal one. It would be cool to try it sometime though. The babaganoush was amazing the hummus was a bit too minty for our liking but still went down well.

We both really enjoyed our meal and would go back. City Centre is in desperate need of good restaurants so I’m really glad places like these are starting to open up. I loved that they had some options for vegans on the menu. It felt a bit unexpected when you first think of kebabs but considering it’s the same owners’ as Bread Meats Bread it shouldn’t really come much to surprise that the menu would be something special, which it is.

Go check it out guys!

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Mixed emotions

Two blog posts in one day?! I’m on a roll! I really felt like writing today so here it goes. Today is Midsummer’s Eve in Sweden, Midsommarafton as we call it back home. It’s a really fun day where friends and family get together to celebrate. The girls wear flower crowns (yes this tradition was there way before the Snapchat filter), there’s delicious food and then everyone go down to the pole where bands play and people dance around it. It sounds silly but is so much fun. It’s a great day surrounded by loved ones and it makes me a bit homesick.

Then this photo above popped up on my Facebook reminding me I graduated a year ago on this day. I couldn’t believe it. In one way it feels like it was just yesterday and in so many other ways it feels like it’s been much longer than just a year. So much has happened. I started working at lululemon just before I graduated. Then  shortly afterwards I left my part time marketing agency job to go full time at lululemon. I was living with the hopes my temporary contract would be become a permanent one once it had expired. It didn’t happen and I was devastated. I had met so many incredible people and I was heartbroken to leave. It was really tough.

Then came the job hunting where days turned into weeks and then months without any sign of a job in sight. I felt like I was being picky, holding out for a job when I wasn’t even sure what I was looking for. I went to job interviews where I got my hopes up but ended up disappointed. I started doubting myself and my abilities. Started thinking that I was being ridiculous for being so picky when I actually wasn’t even being picky in hindsight. Jamie, friends and family were all so supported and said something will come along. I tried to believe them but at the same time, how could something just appear out of nowhere? It sounded way too good to be true but then it happened. I got that email saying they’d read my blog and wanted to meet me, a meeting about writing some blogs led to an actual full time job only a couple of weeks later. That thing I was waiting for appeared and when it did I knew it was it.

Looking back now I’m glad it happened the way it did because I wouldn’t be where I am today. The girl in the picture above had no idea where she would be in a year’s time. She was so hopeful but she had no idea what she wanted to do with her life. A year later she knows and I wouldn’t know if it hadn’t been for this crooked road I’ve had. My mission in life is to help people get fitter and healthier to live happier lives. I want to show that it doesn’t have to be a nightmare to train or boring to eat healthy. I believe there is a type of fitness out there for everyone, you just need to find it. This is what I try to do through this blog and what I get to do through my role on the voomfit team. I’m so incredibly grateful everyday for it.

Without that journey I wouldn’t know this but now I do. Trust your journey, you will know your path when you find it.


M xxx

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Some days you just forget

Yesterday I wasn’t a very good blogger. I forgot to take photos pretty much! The only thing I did take photos of when looking back at my images was some of the food I ate. This is slightly ironic since I’ve seriously been uninspired when it comes to food lately. Something quite rare since I’m a big foodie and love to cook.

It’s tough sometimes cooking food because you end up in ruts where you just cook the same dishes over and over again because of convenience. At least I do. I haven’t really had time to sit and flip through the pages of recipe books to try out a new recipe either. I need to relight my will to cook tasty but healthy food. Yesterday’s lunch and dinner were so boring and unsatisfying… I had a very boring salad for lunch (and I didn’t bring enough food which didn’t help) then a veggie stirfry for dinner (it wasn’t very successful but it was food). I felt so unsatisfied after my dinner I had banana with peanut butter afterwards and some Almighty Foods raw vegan chocolate. Usually when I cook something I’m content with I won’t crave these things afterwards but that’s what happens when you cook something that doesn’t satisfy you haha.

With this I just wanted to say that we all end up in ruts whether if it’s with training or your diet and it’s nothing weird. It’s just part of life. Just don’t give up. I know I’ll get my cooking back on track soon but I think you need to feel uninspired sometimes to feel inspired again.

In other news, my old university Glasgow Uni regrammed my image I uploaded for Yoga Day the day before yesterday. It was pretty cool they wanted to share the image and over night I’ve had almost 40 new people start to follow me on Instagram. It’s absolutely crazy and I can’t believe that over 800 people are following my journey now. That’s absolutely crazy! So to those of you who have found their way here onto the blog as well, welcome. Thank you so much for taking the time out of your day to read my ramblings on here! I really hope you’ll enjoy it enough to stay. I’m so grateful xxx

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International Yoga Day

Nicola and I did some tree poses before our last meeting of the day at my old uni

I attempted a headstand for handstand day on Saturday…..

… didn’t get quite there. Major headrush!
Nicola bossing it!

A fun afternoon finished off with a session at G5

Yesterday did not quite turn out the way the way we had planned at work. Our emails were down and we realised they had been down since the day before sometime. That made me feel a lot better because my inbox was very quiet all day. I was starting to wonder if it was something I had written!

It took us all day to solve that issue, which threw us a bit off our plans but we tried to stay productive anyway. I edited a video from my colleague Frankie’s and my trip to Snow Factor yesterday (I’ll write a bit more about that in a different post but it will mainly be up on voomfit’s website). I smashed out some blog posts that needed to be written and then I joined Nicola in the West End for a final meeting of the day.

It was, as you all probably know, International Yoga Day yesterday and of course we had to honour this in some way. I was planning on going to lululemon’s big yoga class in George Square but really had to go to G5 tonight to train so I was a bit sad to be missing out. Therefore, we did some tree poses at my beautiful old uni. It’s still as breathtaking as the first time I saw when I arrived in Glasgow. Can’t believe I’m coming back here almost a year later on the dot since I graduated, with a full time job that I absolutely love. Never thought I would be so lucky.

We had a great time taking the photos and got some weird stares but you don’t really think much about it when you’re two haha. We then tried to get some handstands in for Handstand Day on Saturday. Nicola did amazing, I struggled haha. I did my best… Still working on finding the balance. Once we’d worked up a sweat trying to get those handstands we ran off to our meeting and it was so much fun. I love finishing the day off on a good note and I really think we did when Nicola and I parted ways for the day.

I bumped into Stella on Byres Road and she offered to give me a lift to the gym. Couldn’t say no to that. Gym was good fun, I was doing some workouts with Kirsty and it felt really good.

I’m so glad yesterday finished on such a fun note! Now it’s time to see what to day will be like. I think it’ll be a good one.

Speak soon,

M xx