If there’s a will, there’s a way

Hi lovelies! For a while I’ve been meaning to go back to Fly for a class but it’s just not happened. The other day David said that I keep on saying I’m going to come down soon and I never do. I felt bad and I know I always love the classes at Fly and that I’m missing out on so much by not planning in to go so I decided to go to his class this morning, which was Fly Box.

It was at 7am and in order to be able to go the class I need to pack everything to get ready so I can go straight to work. So my more lazy side who loves my routines of having breakfast at home and doesn’t like packing all my stuff to shower at the gym was put of it’s comfort zone a little bit with this. It was all excuses in my head and I almost got a bit stressed having to remember what to bring, whether I would have time to get ready between class and work. I felt a bit stressed without even knowing how it would work out. I’d never done it before but already I was slightly hesitant to go because of all of these minor obstacles. So silly. I love walking but for some reason walking all the way down to them so early in the morning felt daunting for some reason (it rally wasn’t once was up and got going).

Anyway, I did actually want to go to Fly Box (love that I’ve been boxing more) because I can’t ever say no to a class really :p So I got my shit together basically. I packed my oats, chopped up fruit, brought Oatly, nuts and almond butter in my bag just so I could easily make porridge at work. Packed my lunch, snacks and all my clothes, make up, towel, trainers and whatever else I needed the night before. All to make it as easy as possible in the morning and so I wouldn’t forget something.

Once I was at the gym it was all worth it. The class was amazing (no surprise really, they always are). It was quite warm today so the sweat was dripping. We started off with boxing rounds and ended with a 15 minute Metcon. My arms were shaking so bad afterwards that I could barely be still to put mascara on. Can’t remember the last time that happened 😛 It ended being an incredible start to my morning, I met lots of amazing people, got to chat to David, had time to shower, get my make up on and got to work just on time. I had nothing to worry about! All those stupid thoughts were all for nothing.

With this post I just wanted to say that sometimes we really let excuses and worries get in the way of you doing something that could be really fun. Training is my life but even I can find it tough sometimes to get to a class. If you really want to do something, you will find a way. You just need to plan it. If you want to squeeze in that workout in in the morning, just plan for it. Figure it out. You’ll feel so amazing once you’ve done it. It’s only your mind that limits you most of the time. Thinking of reasons why it would be difficult or why you shouldn’t will only limit you.

So prove those thoughts wrong! I’m so glad I did today. In the end it wasn’t difficult at all bringing all that stuff with me and the very minor inconvenience it caused me was well worth it to get that training session in.

Anyway, ramble over! Time to get some dinner ready and hopefully get to bed earlyish, I’m so sleepy!

Speak soon,

M xx

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