The Natural Exhibition

Kat’s beautiful stand

Had to of course visit Almighty Foods, those guys are just the most amazing people. Always a great chat. I’m loving their new design!

Kate and I found this skincare brand, The Buddha Beauty Company. The people there were so lovely.

Tried out this vegan cheese. It was really good!

Hi my dears! Hope you’ve had a wonderful Saturday. Other than going to the gym this morning I’ve been at the Natural Exhibition all day pretty much at the SECC. I was lucky enough to win some tickets to the exhibition on Instagram and was really looking forward to seeing what they had to offer.

It was an incredible bonus to see Kat there with her wonderful oils. As soon as you stepped inside the space where all the stalls were you could smell all her wonderful scents. She had a kirtan band with her man Dan playing right next to her stand, which made it even more difficult to miss her haha. People are just loving her products, I can’t get over how proud I am for her chasing her dreams.

I then met up with my friend Ross (The Motivational Dude on Instagram if you want to check him out) and we walked around to have a look at all the stands. We had some incredible chats with lots of people and after over an hour there we had only been to like three stands because we got into such interesting conversations.

Almighty Foods were there and it was great to see the team. They are just the loveliest people and it was great to hear how well they are doing with their heavenly products. I could stand and chat to Anthony for ages, he’s one of the founders’ dad and he’s so nice. It was really fun to tell him that I now have a job, the last time I saw him he gave me a big pep talk about jobs and now a couple of months later it finally has turned around for me.

We then continued our wander to the stand next to Almighty Foods and spoke to the people from Cognito Smart Blends. They produce cognitive enhancing supplements, something Ross is really interested in and whilst I don’t know much about it, it was very interesting to listen to what they had to say.

I then met up with Kate and we continued looking around the stalls and ended up at The Buddha Beauty Company. All their products a vegan, cruelty free and organic. They’re a company from Manchester (they have a salon there and do all vegan and organic treatments, sounds amazing). Kate and I were amazed by the surprisingly affordable price tag considering they use all organic and natural ingredients. I ended up buying a face oil for 9.50. I’ve looked at face oils in Neal’s Yard and they are been about 30 pounds! Quite the price difference. I can’t wait to see how I get on with it. The last time I used a face oil I noticed a considerable difference in my skin so we’ll see how it goes!

The last stand I properly checked out was Tyne Chease, they do vegan cheese. To be a honest I’m usually very hesitant to try vegan cheese just because the ingredients usually sound really artificial, same reason I’m sort of undecided how I feel about tofu from a health perspective. However, these vegan cheeses are handmade out of cashews with cultures to make it taste cheesy. Then they add incredible flavours such as garlic, smoked and cashew truffle. Cashew truffle was amazing. These cheeses felt like you should have on an indulgent cheese board. The cool thing about them is that they keep for a month and you can even freeze them. How do people come up with these incredible things?!

The rest of my time at the exhibition I spent at Kat’s stand hanging out with my incredible friends. It became a bit like a hub where everyone just chilled. I ended up being there for almost five hours. Did not expect that haha. Forgot about time entirely because it was so much fun to see everyone. Love days like that.

I completely forgot to eat lunch too (never happens for me) so when I got home around five I had lunch/ early dinner. Weirdly enough I didn’t feel hungry at all all day pretty much. Very odd but I’m trying to listen to my body more and I know that if I’m hungry, I’ll eat 🙂

Time for me to clean the flat a little bit (it’s slightly chaotic). I did buy other bits today other than the facial oil which I’ll show you tomorrow!

Speak soon my dears,

M xx

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