Some indulgence

Beautiful ingredients

My new facial oil from The Buddha Beauty Company!
Happy Sunday! I didn’t pick up many things at The Natural Exhibition but couldn’t resist the temptation of some Almighty Foods of course. Healthy and organic sweet treats is the way to my heart. Their products are vegan, cold pressed, non GMO, stoneground and sprouted. All the good things! Plus are made here in Scotland, which just makes it even more amazing.

It took me quite a while to choose what I wanted to get but I ended up going for their Hazelnut Fuj (I thought it would be delicious on pancakes). For my chocolate bar I chose one of their latest products, Tiger Nut chocolate (I think it’s called). It’s delicious. They’ve changed their packaging and size of their product recently but it hasn’t arrived yet, hence the bare look of the chocolate bar haha.

What I love as well about Almighty Foods is that they care about their environmental impact. Their packaging, even though it might look like plastic, is actually compostable and I think Anthony said it was made out of eucalyptus. How amazing is that? You know how I feel about plastic so this made me really happy. A lovely bonus.

As I mentioned yesterday, I got an organic facial oil for combination skin from The Buddha Beauty Company. My skin is still acting up and I’m still on the search for something to help it calm down and more balanced. I feel I constantly break out somewhere and this used to be so rare for me. I remember a while back when I was using a facial oil it worked miracles on my skin. So I’m really hoping this oil might help me. I’ll let you know how I get on.

I hope you liked my mini haul, skincare and sweet treats, quite a random combo haha.

Speak soon! Love,

M xx

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