Working that upper body

Doing eccentric pull ups to build up to proper pull ups!
Hannah absolutely smashing the pull ups 
Slightly more progress, almost entirely straight

Decided to visit Jamie at work after I had a little work meeting at Sweat union in Skypark. He made sure I was fed, which was nice!

Good morning lovelies! Yesterday was just lovely. I started it off already at seven. I got up to meet up with Hannah at eight for an upper body workout. It’s always amazing to see her. We always end chatting nonstop and laughing our way through our workout. I love training with her because she pushes me to work so hard. Today we were practising our pull ups. I can’t do pull ups so over the past couple of weeks I’ve really been doing quite a lot of eccentric pull ups. This means you start at the top and you lower down is slowly as possibly. This will help you build up your strength in your back. We then did loads of push ups, push presses, dumbbell rows and knee rises.

Hannah is doing her yoga teacher training at the moment (so proud of her for pursuing her dreams) and needed someone to practice a little mini class on me and of course I said yes. I felt so special when she said I was the first one outside of her training she has taught. She was incredible, no surprise there!

After some yoga we of course had to do some handstands drills because we can’t train together without going upside down at some point haha. I’m starting to feel more confident upside down. It’s frustrating because I feel like it’s more in my head than anything else. The mental part of training plays a huge part in whether you succeed or not, you need to believe in the fact that you can do it. It’s one of the many benefits of exercise, building up a confidence in yourself and your abilities and one of the many reasons why I think everyone should do it in some form.

After training I went home and had breakfast. Nothing tastier than a big breakfast after a fun heavy workout. It was then time to head over for a meeting at Sweat Union for work. It was a good time and I’m excited for us to kick off our eight week transformation tomorrow. Check out more about it on the voomfit Facebook page if you’re intrigued 🙂

Since I was already in the Finnieston area I headed over to visit Jamie at work. It was actually quite quiet in there today (very unusual) because the roads had been blocked off for the women’s 10k. I was starving and when Jamie offered me to have a look at their brunch menu I couldn’t say no to that. I ended up going for their courgette bread with poached eggs, halloumi, tomato and I added avocado. It was very delicious but if you don’t like sweet bread I would suggest you asking for some sourdough instead. I had no idea it was going to be so sweet haha, I’m quite used to it being Scandi and all, a lot of our breads have a hint of sweetness.

I had brought my book since it was sunny and decided to sit in their beer garden for a while with some tea and read. I sat there for almost two hours I think and it was amazing! I love when you can’t put a book down and “Big Little Lies” is getting so good. I’ve almost finished reading it. It was so relaxing sitting there in the sun.

Before heading home I picked up some groceries to cook dinner and prep an extra meal for the week (I love having food prepared for the week ahead). I ended up making falafel for dinner and then my vegan lasagne to take to work. I skyped my family as well, which was so nice. I miss them loads.

Jamie was home for dinner and we then watched One Love Manchester. It was a beautiful concert in the memory of the victims and uniting people together against hate. With all the horrible things going on in the world we need to remember that love is all we need and love will win in the end.

Take care of each other my dears and we’ll speak soon,

M xx

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