Trying to find balance

Photo by: Phil Gorry Photography

Hi lovelies! This day has been non-stop and I’m sitting here just before eleven and really need to get to bed! I’m so sorry I haven’t checked in here until now. It’s still all a learning curve before I get the full time job, friends, boyfriend, exercise, other me time and blog balance down. There’s so much going on and I really need to find a sustainable way to do everything in the best possible way.

Tonight I prioritised going to the gym and then seeing my friends. Tomorrow afternoon I’ll be back in action after work in the evening. So sorry. I’ll get the hang of it soon.

Sleep well my lovelies!

M xx

Published by madeleineskristensen

Madeleine Moves is a blog celebrating a love of exercise, food, travelling and life. I love being active, exercising and being out and about. With my blog I hope to spread this joy and inspire you to be your best. Who am I? I’m Madeleine (surprise). I’m a Swede who lives in the vibrant city of Glasgow in Scotland. I moved here for my university studies and in summer 2016 I graduated with a degree in Business and Management at University of Glasgow. My keyword has always been balance. I love eating healthy food but I also love to indulge once in a while. You need to enjoy life at the end of the day and limiting yourself is not the way to go. With this I would like to say welcome to Madeleine Moves. Love, Madeleine

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