Dean Village // Edinburgh // Photobomb

After a disastrous search for food we ended up at Wagamama for the first time in years!

Then we headed towards Dean Village

It was absolutely stunning

Sneaky boyfriend captured this

It felt like we were in a Fairy Tale

Because I love colourful doors

We were so happy to have made the trip to see this beautiful place

We stopped by one of Jamie’s favourite cocktail bars over in Edinburgh, Panda & Sons. He had this cool drink, I had water.

After Juice Warrior Jamie and I were on a mission to find food. We were starving. It was about four in the afternoon and we hadn’t had lunch yet. We went to place after place who said their kitchen is closed but they were selling cakes and coffee. It was quite bizarre. Why wouldn’t they serve food? The hanger started kicking in and both of us were struggling to stay positive. We just wanted something light and lunch like salads and sandwiches and stuff but it seemed like a mission impossible.

Eventually we passed by a Wagamama and went in there. We’re really not the people who goes to chains like these but we were so hungry! We prefer to support local businesses but sometimes when the local businesses don’t want to serve food you will just have to take what you can get haha. The food was alright (I had a veggie pad thai and Jamie had the bulgogi). We were just happy to feel like ourselves again after that hunger dip! We always struggle to find nice little lunchy places when we’re in Edinburgh. Please send me tips for next time, we really do want to try out the food scene over there properly sometime!

Once we had refuelled it was time to find Dean Village. There was a moment where Jamie thought we had already been to Dean Village without realising it when we stayed over in Edinburgh for his birthday two years ago. I was just thinking, oh god could this day be more of a failure haha, food fail and now after all of that we’re going to a place we’ve already been to. Luckily, it wasn’t the case.

We eventually got to Dean Village and trust me, if we’d seen it before, we’d remember. It was mesmerisingly beautiful. It felt like going back in time or stepping into a Fairy Tale. Like the village in Beauty and the Beast almost. I couldn’t stop saying wow everywhere I turned. The sunny weather made it look even more breathtaking. Dean Village is quite small so we were there for probably less than half an hour but it was worth the journey from Glasgow. If you’re in Edinburgh you need to add this place to your list!

When we’d seen everything we walked past Panda & Sons (the cocktail bar) on the way to the train station. I’d never been in before but have heard Jamie raving about it for years. We went in so Jamie could have a cocktail. It’s one of his favourite places and I figured since he joined me for smoothies it was only fair. Panda & Sons is hidden in a barbershop behind a bookcase. It’s so cool! If you didn’t know there was a cocktail bar in there you’d never know what lies behind that facade. It was really cool to see.

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